Kate Middleton Would Be ‘Threatened’ By Meghan Markle, Suggests Expert Carole Malone, Per ‘News.com.au’

Stephen Pond / StringerGetty Images

There’s been plenty of speculation about a potential rift or drama between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton. And now, royal expert Carole Malone appeared on Kate V Meghan: Princesses at War and described what she believed transpired for Kate when Markle joined the family.

“Kate would very definitely be threatened by Meghan’s presence and her appearance on the royal scene.”

Moreover, News.com.au detailed “Considering how Kate ‘had been the young gorgeous girl that everyone had been photographing’ since she first started dating Prince William, the expert described how she ‘might be a little put out when this gorgeous, American Hollywood star arrived on the scene.'”

And there’s also been plenty of comparisons that have been made between the two women, although in reality, they hold very different positions within the royal family. Kate is future Queen, her children in the immediate line to the throne. Meanwhile, Meghan and Harry’s child may not even receive a royal title at their own request, and it is highly unlikely that Markle would ever be Queen.

Of course, this is still all speculation. When Meghan joined the family, Kate was busy taking care of newborn Prince Louis anyhow, which likely affected the family dynamics when Markle was new to the scene.

On the other hand, there’s some that have pointed out that the drama is “predictable,” including biographer Andrew Morton, as described by Vanity Fair.

“Why was it predictable? Because young royal sisters-in-law, as it was with Diana and Fergie, are set up for failure. They’re compared to one another incessantly—in what they wear, how they behave—in a way that never happens to royal men. In many respects, it says more about the way we deal with women in the media than it does about any big row going on.”

Either way, it appears that everyone has an opinion about it. While some royal fans fiercely defend Meghan or Kate, sometimes pitting themselves against each other on social media, others including Markle’s dad, Thomas, don’t believe any of it is real. In fact, in a moment where the dad defended his daughter, he insisted that what he’s hearing in reports about Meghan doesn’t line up for him.

Hopefully, any drama, fabricated or otherwise, straightens itself out soon. After all, there’s plenty else to focus on, like Meghan and Prince Harry’s first child this spring. In addition, more information has been released recently on Frogmore Cottage, the place they will call home after they move out of Kensington Palace.