Brianne Smith Dias Weight-Loss Photos: ‘My 600-LB Life’ Appearance Sparks Incredible Transformation


Brianne came to My 600-LB Life weighing more than 700 pounds and having little hope for her recovery, but she has now undergone an incredible transformation after appearing on the TLC docu-series and reportedly has shed half her body weight.

Like many others who appeared on the show, Brianne suffered a fractured childhood that led to dangerous overeating. She explained that her father was often gone while serving in the Air Force and later was occupied with the family’s younger siblings. Later, the situation grew more abusive, with Brianne explaining that he called her a “fat b***h.”

“When we fought it felt like it was my whole family against me, even with my mom, because she never stood up for me or helped,” Brianne said (via Monsters and Critics).

Brianne added that “when no one else was there for me, food was.”

Brianne Smith Dias came to My 600-LB Life in desperate need of a change in her life, and it appears that she has found it. Bri (as she goes by online) has been active on both Facebook and Instagram, showing that she has lost a tremendous amount of weight since first appearing on the show. The update noted that she has lost more than 380 pounds, bringing her weight below 360 pounds.

She has shown off some pictures of the new frame, including a short video posted to her Facebook page.

While many on the show struggle to either lose weight or maintain their loss, Brianne Smith Dias appears to be a major exception. She has stuck to the new high-protein diet and is getting more exercise, even joining a co-ed softball team, Distractify reported.

“I started a transition to a new phase in my life and I intend to get there no matter what,” Brianne said.

TLC gave out few details about Brianne’s weight loss prior to the airing of her My 600-LB Life episode, but many fans had already found their way to her social media pages, sharing a message of encouragement for all the weight she has lost so far. Bri has also taken to interacting with many of them, showing enthusiasm for her continued weight loss journey and giving fans a glimpse of all she’s putting into it.

Those who want to continue to follow Brianne Smith Dias on her weight-loss journey after My 600-LB Life can follow her on social media and also check out TLC’s official page for the show, where there are regular updates posted.