Kylie & Kendall Jenner Show Sisterly Love On Instagram Amid Feuding Rumors

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Kendall and Kylie Jenner may be in the middle of a jealousy battle right now, but as far as Instagram is concerned, the two sisters are still close. On Wednesday afternoon, Kylie shared a few videos of herself dancing and being silly with her 23-year-old model sister. The lighthearted post came not long after rumors spread that the two television personalities are fighting over “money differences,” per Radar Online.

The videos on Kylie’s Instagram feed show the 21-year-old makeup model sitting in a chair and making faces at the camera while her sister dances to music behind her. In the first video, Kendall creeps up behind Kylie to get into her selfie. In response, Kylie tilts her head and pulls Kendall in to kiss her cheek.

The second video shows Kendall dancing again, but this time Kylie pulls her sister’s head in and then pushes it playfully, prompting Kendall to shout, “Kylie, ow!” with a laugh.

It is possible that the photos and videos are all throwbacks, as Kylie’s hair color is currently an icy blue, while the posts show a grayish-white.

In the caption, Kylie tagged Kendall and added a series of heart emojis. A few selfies in the same scene also appeared on Kylie’s Instagram Stories.

Fans flooded to the comments to tell the Keeping Up With The Kardashians stars how cute they were. A few noted that they love to see the sisters bonding and hanging out together.

As an earlier Inquisitr story reported, Kendall and Kylie have not always maintained the best relationship. Time and time again they were featured on the family’s reality television show in the middle of an argument. For example, a fight broke out between the girls in 2015 over clothing, and Kendall called her little sister the “biggest b**ch.”

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The latest bout of sibling rivalry is reportedly over how much money each of the sisters have. An unnamed source told Radar Online that Kendall and Kylie have “so much envy” between them when it comes to their success.

“Kendall figures it’s crazy how much Kylie’s worth while she’s only got a fraction of that in the bank herself,” the source said.

Kylie, the owner of Kylie Cosmetics, is reportedly worth about $900 million, while Kendall is said to be worth about $50 million. However, the source said that Kendall is rising up in her modeling career, which is causing Kylie to keep a close eye on her sister.

“It’s as though they’re not happy when the other’s doing well,” the source continued.

Kylie also reportedly “rubs it in” to Kendall that she has so much money, which has caused the feud to get worse.

In 2018, Forbes called Kylie a “self-made millionaire,” but received criticism following the report due to the fact that the Kardashian-Jenner children were born into a wealthy family, Newshub reported. Kim Kardashian, the second oldest daughter in the family, jumped to Kylie’s defense by explaining that none of the children have asked for money from their parents.

According to RO‘s source, Kendall and Kylie barely speak anymore – although the Instagram videos might say otherwise.