Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Thursday’s Show Brings Potential Danger For Mac As He Approaches ‘Kevin’

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

This has been an action-packed week on General Hospital and spoilers for the show coming on Thursday, January 10 tease that things will be intense. The investigation into the deaths of Mary Pat, Kiki, and Peyton is making some progress, but it looks like Ryan may soon get some insight that could change everything.

This week, Jordan and Curtis noticed that their mysterious suspect has been keeping the driver’s licenses of his victims, just like Ryan did 25 years ago. However, nobody had picked up on that detail during the original investigation and that gives the PCPD something significant to pursue.

Jordan and Curtis have now talked with both Margaux and Mac about the investigation and then Margaux reached out to pick Lulu’s brain a bit. The preview, posted on Twitter, for Thursday’s show reveals that Mac will have a chat with “Kevin,” and it looks as if he could inadvertently put himself in grave danger during this discussion.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Mac will have a talk with the man he thinks is Kevin, and it looks like he may confide some details about the investigation to his friend. Kevin and Mac have been friends for decades, so it’s not a stretch to think that Mac would feel he could trust his friend with sensitive information from the investigation.

In addition, as the investigation veers toward believing the suspect is somehow copying Ryan’s previous crimes, Mac may think that Kevin is entitled to know some of the details. Unfortunately, Mac has no idea he’s talking to Ryan himself, not his friend Kevin.

Mac will tell “Kevin” that what he’s about to tell him has to stay between the two of them. Viewers will have to tune in Thursday to see how much Mac reveals, but this conversation may give Ryan some valuable information that will allow him to tweak his patterns to throw the scent off of him.

Could Mac’s life be in danger as a result of this conversation? General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central share that Ryan will claim another victim during the week of January 14. It isn’t known right now who he will target next, but this ominous preview will surely make some worry that Mac could be on the radar as that next victim.

There is no sign as of now that the show plans to make Mac one of Ryan’s victims. It’s clear that viewers are loving the opportunity to see more of characters like Mac, and it would create a lot of waves to permanently get rid of the character. Everybody will be hoping that the next victim is again someone relatively disposable like Mary Pat and Peyton and that perhaps Mac can be key in resolving the case.

Stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers regarding what is coming next. Thursday’s episode will have progress on many fronts, and it looks like an episode that should not be missed.