Wells Adams Isn’t Proposing To Sarah Hyland Yet, Despite How Anxious Fans Are To See It Happen

Jesse GrantGetty Images

People love the celebrity coupling of Modern Family star Sarah Hyland with Wells Adams of The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. The two are always sharing adorable updates via social media, and the couple’s fans have been stalking their Instagram pages in hopes of seeing engagement news. However, he’s opening up and admitting that he may not be getting down on bended knee as soon as fans are hoping.

Wells Adams talked to Hollywood Life recently, and naturally, the topic of proposing to Sarah Hyland was discussed. Wells, whose newest project is a podcast titled Pratt Cast with Stephanie Pratt, said that he’s resisting the expectations and the pressure coming from everybody for an engagement.

Adams says that he thinks he and Hyland are in a great place right now, one where they feel quite comfortable with one another. Fans of the duo know that their romance started out as a long-distance one, as Sarah is based in Los Angeles and Wells was living in Nashville. However, things continued to progress well — and he made the move to Hyland’s place not long ago.

The former Bachelorette contestant says that he knows that the Modern Family star is the one for him, and she’s said the same about her beau. That said, the two are cautious about getting engaged — or getting married — too quickly. He notes that he thinks it would seem weird if they got engaged now, when they’ve only been living together a short while.

“So, I understand the optics of it. Like we do post insanely cute pictures all the time and people think that’s obviously next step but… I think that we’re both pretty realistic about the evolution of our relationship and wanting to continue to grow it… before jumping in to like an early engagement.”

It certainly looks like Wells and Sarah are headed toward an engagement and a wedding, and they both seem to think that’s the case as well. They’ve both been rather reflective about their relationship via Instagram lately, and Hyland recently opened up about how Adams has been through her side through a lot of really difficult health challenges over the past couple of years.

Fans of Modern Family and The Bachelorette are chomping at the bit to see Wells Adams propose to Sarah Hyland. However, everybody will surely support the fact that the two are taking their time, and aren’t trying to rush into anything too quickly. It sounds like an engagement might happen, but it may not be happening quite yet.