Zombie Apocalypse Debate Wages In Canadian Parliament [Video]


What would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse? If you’re smart, you’ll head straight to Canada.

Canada may not be immune to a zombie attack but they do have a secret weapon: Winnipeg MP Pat Martin.

The Canadian lawmaker is doing everything he can to get Canada ready for a zombie apocalypse. Martin said that “zombies don’t recognize borders” and wouldn’t think twice about entering Canada from the United States and that it was important for Canada to develop a zombie plan.

Martin said:

“I rise today to salute… the province of Quebec for putting in emergency measures to deal with the possibility of an invasion of zombies. I don’t need to tell you, Mr. Speaker, that zombies don’t don’t recognize borders and that a zombie invasion in the United States can easily turn into a continent-wide pandemic if it’s not contained. So on behalf of concerned Canadians everywhere, Mr. Speaker, I want to ask the Minister of Foreign Affairs: Is he working with his American counterparts to develop an international zombie strategy so that a zombie invasion does not turn into a zombie apocalypse?”

Martin’s proposal comes a day after Montana residents were warned about zombies roaming the countryside. The warning turned out (of course) to be hoax but that doesn’t mean that people aren’t worried about a zombie apocalypse.

Thankfully we can rest easy knowing that there are people like Pat Martin working for a solution.

Here’s Martin’s speech.