WWE News: WWE Quickly Starts Eliminating Chris Jericho After Signing With All Elite Wrestling


On Tuesday afternoon, All Elite Wrestling held a rally in Jacksonville, Florida, which had them reveal their current roster and it included some big names. One of the biggest is former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho who shocked the world by signing a contract with AEW. Almost immediately, WWE began virtually scratching him from existence and that includes taking him out of a number of visible elements.

As reported by Inquisitr, Y2J was only one of a number of former champions from WWE that joined the AEW roster. Cody Rhodes was obviously present at the rally, but they also introduced Pac aka Neville as part of All Elite Wrestling.

Jericho had been working with New Japan Pro Wrestling for a while and he actually still hopes to keep doing that. Apparently, the deal he signed with All Elite Wrestling isn’t fully exclusive and will allow him to continue wrestling with NJPW for quite some time.

Near the end of the AEW rally, Chris Jericho was introduced to a huge ovation from the fans in attendance in Jacksonville. It was almost instantaneous with his introduction that WWE took action and began scratching Chris Jericho from existence.

First of all, they took him off of the main roster list and over to the WWE Alumni section of their website.

Now, Jericho landing in the WWE Alumni section of the website doesn’t mean he is gone from the company for good. There have been many superstars that ended up on that page and returned sometime in the future, but that remains to be seen with Y2J.

It was very obvious that WWE was not pleased with Chris Jericho signing with All Elite Wrestling, and it was kept as a very secretive announcement. There were not many reports of him being at the Jacksonville rally before it started or even during it, but then, he just showed up.

Jericho being moved to the alumni page on the website wasn’t the only move made by WWE after AEW’s rally. As reported by Cageside Seats, Jericho was also removed from the “WWE Forever” intro that the company airs before every TV show and pay-per-view.

It has been confirmed that on last week’s SmackDown Live, Chris Jericho was in the opening intro for “WWE Forever.” On Tuesday night of this week, he was gone.

Chris Jericho was easily the biggest surprise of the All Elite Wrestling rally on Tuesday, and WWE had to be just as shocked as the fans were. The shifting of Jericho’s picture to the alumni section of the website wouldn’t have taken long at all. It may be needless to say, but removing him from the intro video for their TV shows so quickly proves that WWE wants absolutely nothing to do with him right now.