Julianne Hough & Nina Dobrev Channel 'Titanic' In Their Sports Bras

Victoria Miller

Julianne Hough is celebrating her best friend Nina Dobrev on her 30th birthday, and she's taking a cue from an Academy Award-winning film. In honor of Dobrev's milestone birthday, the Dancing with the Stars judge posted a photo to Instagram which shows the two stars on top of the world—or at least on top of a mountain—as they recreate an iconic pose from the James Cameron movie Titanic. But unlike Jack and Rose, the star-crossed lovers in the film, Hough and Dobrev are dressed in sports bras and workout gear, presumably after hiking up the mountain.

In the pic, which you can see below, celebrity besties Julianne Hough and Nina Dobrev are holding their arms out as they look out at their view, much as Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet did in the 1997 film. In one of the most memorable scenes from Titanic, the unlikely couple stood at the bow of the doomed British passenger liner with their arms out and looked out at the sea as Dicaprio's Jack Dawson shouted, "I'm the king of the world."

In the caption of her new photo, Hough addressed Dobrev as her "bff/partner in crime/angel face/ child," before adding, "You are a force of nature, the brightest light, a true genuine soul and the Rose to my Jack…. I love adventuring with you."

"We are goofy, we like to laugh, we like to play with our dogs and hang out and watch movies and get ready together and go places together," the Vampire Diaries actress said of her pro dancer pal. "We just like to be around each other. I can only speak for myself, but Julianne is such a positive, awesome person. She has an infectious energy that you just want to be around, so selfishly I am just trying to get a little bit of her energy transferred to me."

Julianne Hough described Nina Dobrev as the "yin to her yang," and Dobrev revealed that she and the DWTS star bonded over their love for adventure.

"Our kids are going to come out on every trip with us," Dobrev said of the duo's future families. " They are going to jump out of planes with us."