Instagram Model Sierra Skye Flaunts Her Bod In Two Revealing Bikini Pics

California babe Sierra Skye shot to social media stardom with her Instagram bikini shots shared on her account. People couldn't believe how down to earth and gorgeous this girl was. She quickly accumulated millions of followers who can't wait to see the latest revealing photo she shares.

Her real name is Sierra Egan and she's the cutest thing in the videos she and her boyfriend, Italian photographer Roman Palumbo, share on their YouTube channel. Bikini Luxe noted that Egan is of Native American and Italian descent.

Not only do her Instagram followers love the latest outfits and swimming suits she's wearing in her photos, but they are also fascinated by her sultry, steamy looks she throws at the camera.

In one bikini pic she shared on Instagram, she has slipped her casual top strap off to the side, revealing an ample eyeful of her upper assets. The high-cut bikini bottom accentuates her hourglass shape and bold curves that her fans admire.

A beautiful wading pool ripples in the background as the sun peeks through the trees, shining just a bit on her hair that's pulled up with a few wisps hanging down gently framing her face. Egan is wearing one of her sought-after headbands wrapped around her messy bun. She creates the headbands and sells them on her own website.

"Drop dead gorgeous, beautiful," an Instagram user commented on her post.

In another photo, she's showing off a crisp coral bikini with spaghetti straps and another high-cut set of bottoms. She's kneeling on a poolside lounge chair, her sun-kissed dark blonde hair rippling in the breeze.

"Can't get any hotter," one Instagram user wrote.

Her left hand is toying with her hair, which is something she disclosed in one of her YouTube videos that she's solely left-handed. She's also creepily double-jointed. She shared in the video that as a baby, her arms would randomly pop out of her shoulder socket, as would her legs out of her hips.

"I was a cheerleader, dancer and a gymnast. When I was four or five years old, my arms would come out of socket when I went to do a back handspring," she said.

Then she demonstrated how her arm freakishly bends in the opposite direction.

She stands 5-foot-6 and that yes indeed, her rear end is real.

"Everyone matures as you get curves … I've worked on my body in the gym and my butt. My mom always had a bubble butt," she said.

Egan definitely has realized that her tush is one of the most admired parts of her physique and shares plenty of poses that highlight it. If you haven't scrolled through her Instagram photos yet and spied some of the eye-popping bikini shots, you should check it out.