Victoria Beckham Gets Cuddly With A Blackened Pikachu Plushie On Instagram

When it comes to the world of fashion, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is no stranger. The English businesswoman and fashion designer has made some big moves in the last couple of years.

Having launched her eponymous label over 10 years ago, Beckham reached mainstream success in 2017 when she launched a collection for Target, with a variety of sizes available for women both big and small. Last year, some of Victoria's collection was presented at London Fashion Week, and she launched a collaboration with Reebok, offering up a more athletic take on her collection.

Recently, Beckham is taking the time to unwind a bit. Earlier today, the fashion icon posted a pic to popular social media platform Instagram to let her fans know that she was taking things easy and simply spending some time with close friends.

In the snapshot in question, the former pop icon is looking directly at the camera, drawing your attention to her eyes. It's a little hard to discern, but it seems as if Beckham is leaning against a black sofa or another piece of furniture. The picture does not feature any sort of geotagging information, but Beckham does mention -- in the picture's caption -- that she is spending time in the studio. Presumably, she is referring to a fashion studio.

Clothing wise, Beckham is rocking a gold-plated watch on her left wrist, along with her wedding ring, which is mostly obscured from view. Her red nail polish compliments her red cashmere polo neck jumper, which Beckham also mentions is available on her label's official website.

While the cashmere jumper is keeping her warm, Victoria is also keeping warm by snuggling up to a bizarre looking plushie. Many will recognize the adorable stuffed toy as Pikachu, the endearing and adorable mascot of the ever-popular Pokémon franchise. That being said, fans of the anime and video game series might notice something a little off.

Contrary to his standard bright yellow appearance, this Pikachu is noticeably darker. In fact, the entire stuffed toy is black from head to toe, and Beckham's fans were quick to notice the difference.

At the time of writing, the Instagram pic has garnered over 90,000 likes and has amassed well over 500 comments, despite being less than one hour old. While some fans were quick to complement Beckham on her fashion sense, others opted to question her curious-looking Pikachu.

"Is that a black pikachu [sic]?" one user asked. "You burnt Pikachu??? Nooooooo," another one exclaimed, ending off the comment with a few screaming face emojis. A few commenters asked Beckham where they could get this unique-looking plushie. At the time of writing, she has yet to reply to this particular line of questioning.