‘The Bachelor’ Episode 2 Spoilers: New Sneak Peek Teases Big Moments From Colton Underwood’s First Dates

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Up next for Colton Underwood and fans of ABC’s The Bachelor is Episode 2 and the first dates of the new season. A new sneak peek has just emerged that gives everybody some additional insight into what is going to be happening during this January 14 show, and it looks like things will be crazy.

As the Inquisitr previously detailed, Colton Underwood will reportedly go on two group dates and one individual date during Episode 2. That is standard for the second show of each season, and it doesn’t look like production threw in any major variations this time around.

Now E! News is sharing a sneak peek for the January 14 show that is packed with Bachelor spoilers. Gossip king Reality Steve had noted that Will & Grace star Megan Mullally and her husband Nick Offerman would pop up during this show, and now it’s confirmed.

Very little of Colton’s group date with Megan and Nick was shown in this spoiler clip, but Mullally does ask Underwood who the “crazy one” is of his group of bachelorettes so far. During this outing, Bachelor spoilers indicate that the ladies will all need to get up on stage in front of an audience and talk about a “first time” of theirs. The Will & Grace star did tease this date via her Instagram page back when it was filmed, and it sounds as if it’ll provide some great laughs.

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oh wait, why are nick and i in a photo with the new #Bachelor Colton Underwood? because we’re on the m’f’in’ SEASON PREMIERE on Monday, January 7 #8pm PEOPLLLLLLE. it doesn’t matter. did i secretly tell the villainess not to be the villainess, it’s not worth it? I MIGHT HAVE. did she appear in any way affected by my words? SHE DID NOT. look, is Colton, who i didn’t really get before, incredibly tall and godlike in person, like a @prattprattpratt superhero? YES, HE IS. do i now get it? YES, I DO. listen, the main thing is, we’re on it, we got to talk to colton and a bunch of the girls, we got some inside scoop from the producers (????), and it’s NOT A BIG DEAL. everybody be cool. @bachelorabc #seasonpremiere #january #7 8pm/7c @coltonunderwood

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E! News adds that Mullally and Offerman will give the ladies some “unconventional advice” on performing in front of people and they’ll probably need it. The ladies will surely want to incorporate these “off-beat performance tips” as they get up in front of 200 strangers to try to impress Colton.

Colton also gets a game-focused group date and more of that is shown in this preview. The Bachelor spoilers reveal that everybody will see Underwood in his element playing a bit of football with the gals, and there’s a game of duck, duck, goose as well.

Actor, comedian, and show host Billy Eichner will be on-hand for this group date and he’ll be overseeing three of the battles during this “Camp Bachelor” gathering. Everybody will get down and dirty as they try to rack up the wins, and it looks like the competitions will get a bit intense.

Hannah Brown gets the first one-on-one of Underwood’s season and it takes place on her birthday. A lot of viewers were charmed by Brown during the premiere, but Bachelor spoilers suggest that she may not connect very well with Colton.

Colton and Hannah will go horseback riding and hit a hot tub out in the wilderness, but it looks like there are a lot of awkward moments between these two. Brown appears to get pretty emotional and perhaps has a hard time opening up, and Underwood will have some concerns.

ABC confirms that four ladies will be eliminated by the end of Episode 2 and Bachelor spoilers tease that Colton Underwood will face some tough decisions as he works through these first dates. All signs point toward this being a wild ride this winter and fans are definitely buzzing about what lies ahead this season.