Watch Bizarre Video Of Donald Trump Sniffing And Breathing Heavily In Oval Office Speech, As Edited By Twitter

On Tuesday night, Donald Trump delivered his first televised Oval Office address using a format that has been employed by presidents since the dawn of the television era to speak directly to the American people on issues of serious national importance. President John F. Kennedy first told the country about the Cuban Missile Crisis during an Oval Office address in 1962, as White House History chronicles, while in 1981 President Ronald Reagan announced his historic tax cut plan from the Oval Office, among many other examples.

But Trump used his first-ever Oval Office address to discuss his "border wall" demand that is at the heart of the now 19-day-old government shutdown in a speech described by Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin as "a nothingburger," by as "underwhelming" and "an insult to the nation's intelligence," and by former Republican speechwriter David Frum, in Atlantic magazine, as a speech in which Trump "defeated himself."

But not everyone was focused on the words of Trump's speech. Numerous Twitter users, many equipped with video-editing software and the skills to use it, zeroed in on the strange noises and sounds Trump made between his words — noises described by the Independent newspaper as "heavy breathing." Watch one such disturbing video by Twitter user Parker Molloy below.

But Molloy was not the only video-editing Twitter denizen to convert Trump's speech into what the Huffington Post called "deeply unsettling 'sex tape audio.'" Twitter user Brendan Karet compiled his own version of Trump's repeated deep breaths and sharp nasal sniffs.
A third Twitter user, Leon Ingram, did his own Trump speech remix, with the words excised and only breathing in place.
Twitter user Jackson Davies compared the compilation of Trump's odd breathing patterns to ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, the term for a relatively new genre of YouTube video which uses sounds such as whispers and rustling feathers to produce what users have described as a tingling sensation in the skin.

"It's a very pleasant, natural high state that you want more and more of," according to "Maria," one of the top producers of ASMR YouTube videos, in a CNBC report on the phenomenon.

One Twitter user who viewed a Trump video described it as "actually the sex tape audio with Storm Daniels, same duration and sign off," making a reference to the pornographic film star who is suing Trump over a hush money deal stemming from a sexual encounter with Trump in 2006, as Inquisitr has covered.