January 9, 2019
'Jersey Shore' Star Deena Cortese Gets Blasted On Instagram For 'Unsafe' Car Seat Pic Of Newborn Son

Deena Cortese is learning the hard way that celebrity motherhood comes with a whole lot of scrutiny. The 31-year-old Jersey Shore star, who gave birth to her first child, CJ, on January 5, was blasted online after she posted a sweet series of pics to Instagram to celebrate her baby's first trip home.

In one picture, the baby is seen wearing a blue-and-white onesie just before leaving the hospital, but Cortese was mom-shamed after posting a photo of baby CJ wearing what appeared to be a puffy gray jacket while strapped into his seat on his way home from the medical facility, USA Today reports. Many commenters criticized the baby's outfit as unsafe for a car seat and urged Cortese to change it before driving the newborn home.

Some Instagram followers pointed out that heavy coats worn underneath a car seat harness can cause too much space between the child and the car seat's straps, leaving the straps dangerously loose. E! News notes that one particularly irate commenter wrote, "The harness is too loose, look around his legs!! It's clearly loose as f--k."

Others reminded Cortese that the first rule for new moms is to never post a car seat pic at the risk of dealing with the wrath of internet haters.

Cortese later clarified what her son was wearing in the photo and politely told haters she appreciates their concerns.

"Going home," Cortese captioned the pics, adding, "(It's not a jacket.. it's a onesie and hospital approved it) we're not perfect but we got this thank you for the concerns."

You can scroll through Deena Cortese's slideshow below to see the photo in question.

Deena Cortese happily shared her pregnancy journey with fans and she received a lot of support, so the backlash against her is definitely something new.

The Jersey Shore Family Vacation star and her husband Christopher Buckner tied the knot in October 2017 at Laurita Winery in New Egypt, New Jersey. The newlywed couple originally shared their pregnancy news last summer in a series of social media posts.

In July, Cortese shared her first baby bump photo with fans. The couple's gender reveal party featured an exploding box filled with blue smoke to announce they had a baby boy on the way. In an Instagram post, Cortese revealed that baby Christopher John would be "the most spoiled little boy ever."

Deena Cortese and Christopher Buckner welcomed baby Christopher John CJ on Saturday, January 5 at 4:41 p.m. The baby weighed in at 6 pounds 8.5 ounces.