‘Bachelor’ Host Chris Harrison Teases Major Reveal That Will Totally Shift Colton Underwood’s Season

Rick RowellABC

Colton Underwood is set to have a serious conversation with one of his ladies that will change the course of his season—and it will happen soon. The Bachelor host Chris Harrison told Entertainment Tonight that the after opening night jokes about Underwood’s virginity, the show will “get to a much deeper, emotional level to the virginity and what it means and why.” Harrison also teased “the moment that changes everything,” which will be spawned by Underwood’s one-on-one conversation with one of his ladies.

“There’s two stories that need to be told, but the people that tell the story, it is theirs to be told. I’m not trying to tee this up and make it bigger than it really is, it’s just a very personal situation and it would not be right for me to tell this story for either one of them.”

Harrison dished that Underwood and his date exchanged extremely personal stories that completely changed the direction of the rose-filled dating show. The longtime ABC host also promised that the course-changing conversation happens early on in the season.

“They just let go and they tell these really personal stories and it really breaks the season and it breaks Colton wide open. That’s where, to me, we had this huge discernible shift in the show, in the emotion of the show and the direction it took. It really gets there pretty quickly. It was a beautiful scene and then it prompted me to have a very serious conversation with Colton that you’ll also see… I hate to say, ‘You’ll have to watch to find out,’ but that will come very quickly in the show.”

In a separate ET interview, which you can see below, Chris Harrison revealed that it is Caelynn Miller-Keyes, the North Carolina pageant queen who was one of the first women to kiss Colton during his premiere night cocktail party, that revealed her personal story to The Bachelor star.

“Caelynn brings out a story that is one of the most emotional, revealing conversations that we’ve ever had on the show,” Harrison told ET.

The Bachelor host also teased that Caelynn’s story prompts a reveal from Colton that is very “different” and is “something that will change the course of the show.” Harrison described the conversation as “unbelievably vulnerable, open, and revealing” and promised there is much more to Colton’s virginity story, which is also tied to his prior relationships.

You can see Chris Harrison talking about Colton Underwood’s game-changing conversation in the video below.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.