‘Doc Martin’ Star Martin Clunes Shocks ‘This Morning’ Host Calling Government A ‘Sh**storm’

Claire GreenwayGetty Images

Doc Martin star Martin Clunes dropped in for a chat this week on the British morning talk show This Morning with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, and the normally cheerful Clunes shared his thoughts about the current U.K. government situation using some colorful language that left the hosts red-faced and apologizing.

Express says that Clunes was the guest and there to discuss his new show Manhunt, in which he plays a gritty detective on the serious crime squad in Hampshire. This is a big departure from his decade as the affable Dr. Martin Ellingham, a GP in a small Cornwall town in the popular PBS and ITV series Doc Martin.

Clunes explained that this role “opened his eyes” to the serious crime squad in Hampshire, and how hard they work.

“We thought it was a good time maybe to tell that story. I was playing the SIO, so I wanted to see how the rest of the team were towards him – how he was towards him.”

But in learning the character, Clunes explained that the police have more than enough work on their hand, and went on to criticize the current government.

“We filled our boots and you come away thinking: Thank god we’ve got a police force. Which we won’t have if this current sh**storm of a government have their way.”

Schofield’s face expressed shock at the matter of fact language used by Clunes, and he quickly told the audience that he was sorry.

“We apologize for that!”

But Clunes didn’t apologize and went on to say that he’ll be back in Cornwall in two months to shoot the last season of Doc Martin.

“Yeah, we’re off in March back down to Cornwall.”

But while the hosts of ITV’s This Morning seemed shocked and upset by Clunes’ interesting choice of words, the home audience expressed amusement on Twitter.

One Twitter user called for “Martin Clunes for PM,” while others expressed that the actor’s unexpected comments made their day, using various laughing and applauding emojis.

“Martin Clunes calling the government a sh**e storm is just what 2019 needed.”

Others created a hashtag of what he had to say about the government, expressing love and thanks for the normally comedic actor.

“Just when I was feeling super-depressed about the state of the UK and our leaders, Martin Clunes speaks for the nation.”

As Martin Clunes is scheduled to call it quits on Doc Martin after 10 seasons of episodes, per the Inquisitr, the actor has started branching out and taking new roles, like that of Sir Pitt Crawley in a mini-series of Thackery’s Vanity Fair for ITV and Amazon.