Hannah Ferguson Goes Topless & Leans Against A Wall On Instagram

Hannah Ferguson posed topless for Maxim Magazine, and a black-and-white photo from the shoot was posted on their Instagram today. The image shows Hannah after she pulled off her plaid power suit top, as she sported matching pants. Her right hand was in her rear pocket, while she censored her curves by leaning into the wall. The model wore heavy eye makeup, and looked down for the photo. It was captured by photographer Gilles Bensimon, and fans exclaimed, "Luv this!!!!" and "Great shot."

In addition, the model shared a clip from a new ad she worked on for Equinox. The video was incredibly dramatic, with water being the focal point as Hannah and another male model swam or emerged from water. A still shot showed Ferguson topless again, with her hair pulled behind her ears as the water appeared to be cascading vertically onto her. The brand encompasses many facets of fitness, as they offer clubs, spa, and even a magazine called Furthermore. There's also a hotel, classes, and personal training.

Additionally, Hannah shared a selfie yesterday, which showed her wearing a light blue, sheer shirt that matched her eyes. She wore her hair down in a simple middle part, along with light makeup including light pink lipstick.

The model previously opened up with Harper's Bazaar about her original dream job, which had nothing to do with modeling.
"No, at first I wanted to be a figure skater. I always loved watching the Olympics and watching the figure skating, they just looked so graceful. But growing up in a small town in Texas where there was never any snow, or ice for that matter, or ice rinks, I was never able to have that training. I took ballet, so then my second career choice was to be a dancer. But when I was 15, I tore my meniscus playing volleyball so I had to quit dancing. And that's when I was like, 'Oh I want to become a model!' I had thought about it for a little while but I was working and finishing up high school and I kind of wanted to get that done before I tried it out."
Obviously her third choice of becoming a model has worked out well for Ferguson, as she's found her place in the competitive modeling industry. The model's busy schedule is apparent on her social media feed, as her recent posts highlight her work with Chloé, a Parisian brand, and her feature in V Magazine's 2019 calendar as "Ms. January."