‘Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel Cites Kathryn Dennis’ Drug Use For Kids Requiring ‘Intensive Therapy’

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Thomas Ravenel claims that his former girlfriend Kathryn Dennis is the reason that both of their children have developmental problem that required them to undergo intensive therapy.

The politician has filed a new series of allegations against the mother of his children, per The Blast. The 56-year-old reality star no longer wishes to settle for joint custody of their 4-year-old daughter Kensington and 3-year-old son St. Julien. He has filed for sole custody of his minor children according to court documents Ravenel filed in the County of Charleston, South Carolina.

Ravenel claimed that their children had “developmental and behavioral problems” that can be traced back to Dennis.

“The parties’ oldest child, K.C.R., has developmental and behavioral problems that have required intensive therapy. Father is informed and believes these problems are the result of [Dennis’] lack of bonding with K.C.R. during infancy. … The parties’ youngest child, S.J.R., has developmental and behavioral problems that have required intensive therapy. Father is informed and believes that these problems are the result of Mother’s drug and alcohol consumption while S.J.R. was in utero.”

Southern Charm viewers will remember that Dennis lost custody of her children and had to enter a rehabilitation program in order to regain custody of them. At the time a doctor testified that he believed that both parents should share custody of their young kids.

However, Ravenel alleges that he believes that Dennis actually did not successfully complete her stint in rehab, per People. He claims that he is not certain that she maintained her sobriety since 2017 since she has tested positive for drugs since her release and has a history of buying synthetic urine to be able to pass drug tests.

Ravenel claimed that Kensi and St. Julien progressed developmentally and behaviorally while under his care, but the same cannot be said after spending time with their mother. The politician reportedly said that he “has observed marked regression in the minor children’s therapeutic progress,” according to the latest court filing documents.

The Inquisitr shared that Ravenel, 56, alleges that Dennis, 26, “abuses prescription drugs, is engaged in the use of illegal drugs, and consumes alcohol in combination thereof regularly.” He also claimed that not only did Dennis have an ongoing substance abuse problem, but allegedly used the drugs while their children were under her care. Ravenel said that the Southern Charm producers were also aware that she traded, sold, and bought the prescription drugs from other cast members.

Ravenel even provided a reason as to why he believes that Dennis abuses drugs. He alleges that she feels overwhelmed if she spends more than a few days with the kids and that she then uses prescription medication “as a coping mechanism for anxiety and stress.”

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