Emily Ratajkowski Goes Braless Under Major Plunge Dress On Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski shared a new Instagram post with her fans today, which is a sneak peek of her shoot with GQ Australia. The photo shows the model wearing a major plunge dress sans bra, as she stood against a cement wall while doing a second-position plie. Emily wore her hair down and slicked back, while her dress appeared to be made mostly of blue sequins with a bold gold-and-silver stripe down the middle and on the hems. It had thin straps, and she didn't wear any jewelry to accessorize the look. Fans responded positively, stating that "She is the queen," "Stunner," and "Beautiful!!!" There's no mention of Emily on the GQ Australia Instagram page, so we'll have to wait to find out more about the issue.

Ratajkowski's second-newest post, on the other hand, was a video for ICON Spain, which showed her with an androgynous look. She wore her hair short, almost like a mullet, with curls accentuating her forehead. The video showed the model in outfits ranging from a masculine outfit made up of a simple white tank and jeans, to a feminine gold dress with leopard-print.

Obviously Emrata is starting off 2019 with a bang, after she spent some rare downtime with friends and family in Mexico.

As an Instagram star with over 21.3 million followers, Emily has stood out from the crowd with a successful career in modeling, acting, and designing. She's also become a modern voice for feminism. She discussed her views of how society judges women with Fashion Magazine.
"First of all, I always like to say that women in general are always pigeonholed by the way they look, no matter how they look. It's not really about being good looking, it's a symptom of sexism that women tend to be judged more than men based on their attractiveness. It's just a bad situation."
And after everything Emily has experienced, she's come to this conclusion: "I've learned that the less I care what people think of me—as trite and obvious as this sounds—the more I've succeeded in personal relationships and in my career. People don't really care about you. They mostly care about themselves and how you make them feel. The more you stop showing them that you're overly concerned with yourself, they like you more."
Moreover, the model's confidence and willingness to put herself out there has made her a standout among the large number of models on social media. And with so many updates as we just entered the new year, fans can expect many more from Ratajkowski in the weeks ahead.