Sommer Ray Flaunts Derriere In Thong Bikini, Reminds Fans 'You Are Not A Drop In The Ocean'

Instagram model Sommer Ray is in Bali, Indonesia, and so far has been keeping fans updated with bikini photos from Black Sand Beach. The newest Instagram post shows Sommer with her back to the camera as she flaunted her famous derriere while playing with her hair with her left hand. The sunset was visible in the backdrop along with the ocean. She also quoted Rumi in the captions, who a philosopher and poet from the 1200s that still has a loyal following even in modern times. Fans commented, "Ur the best," "i love you," and "Princess."

The model's Instagram Stories also showed her lounging in a hammock in a white bodysuit with white stripes down the sides, as she accessorized with a red flower in her hair. Two more videos gave fans an inside look at the resort she's staying at, including a view of the huts and tropical foliage. The place Sommer is staying at is called Soori Bali, and it's known for its incredible architecture by Soo K. Chan and was named one of the "Top 50 Best Beach Hotels in the World" by the FinancialTimes. Visitors can take advantage of its proximity to the Tanah Lot Temple, which is a must-visit landmark and ancient Hindu shrine.

It's likely that Ray will continue to share her trip with her fans, with hopefully more sneak peeks at her Bali getaway coming soon. She tagged her friend, Ryan Fleming, in a recent post, so she's at least there with him. His website reveals that he's a producer, cinematographer, and photographer. And that explains why he was taking the drone footage of Sommer running into the waters at the beach, which she posted yesterday.Sommer has built up an impressive fan base on Instagram, with over 19.7 million followers and counting. She previously described to Galore what it was like back in her bodybuilding days, something she was actively pursuing in her teenage years.
"But honestly, I never compared myself, so it didn't matter that the judges did. I was confident in the hard work and the dedication I put in for myself. So at the end of the day, I know myself and I'm content in the woman I am. And when you are, you are incomparable."
The model has previously cited her distaste for the culture of bodybuilding, with many competitors taking steroids to stay ahead. Her choice to pursue Instagram has proved to be a good choice, as she's progressed beyond the platform itself and has released an athletic-wear clothing line and fitness app.