Paris Hilton Goes Nude & Censors Photo With Money On Instagram

Paris Hilton shared a new post on Instagram, which showed her nude but censored with Photoshopped $100 bills. The backdrop also consisted of money, except it was $1 bills, which were layered on top of each other. Paris' hair was platinum blond with curls at the bottom, as she wore bright red lipstick and sparkly earrings. She posed with her hands on her chest, as she looked to her left and had her eyes closed. The post was promoting her new movie, The American Meme, which so far has a rating of 6.0 out of 10 on IMDb. It's all about social media influencers and their rise in popularity on different platforms.

The movie has resonated with some fans, as one person left a long comment saying, "I found you, Paris, to be the most raw, sweet and loving person. That documentary made me sad on many levels, as my heart went out to you on many levels as well. I'm sorry for people who have hurt you, you did not deserve that. I do love how you love and embrace your fans, & I really admire you & am proud of your success & accomplishments.You maybe a celebrity but you are a loving human being."

In addition to Hilton, the movie features Josh Ostrovsky and Brittany Furlan. Josh is more commonly known as "The Fat Jewish" on Instagram. He's suggested previously to CNN Business that influencers as we know it is no longer a sustainable business model. Rather, he thinks that "the future lies in making real things for real people."

Such revelations, including the opportunity to hear the celebrities' side of the story in what appears to be a very public life, are some of the reasons that fans enjoy the movie. Paris has shared a number of Instagram Stories that feature her fans talking about how much they love The American Meme, with some calling her "Legendary" and "Truly an icon."In other news, Hilton announced that she's currently in Florence, Italy, with a glammed-up Instagram post, which showed her sitting in a pink car wearing a white crop tank and pink bottoms. She posed in a pink sports car that read "Italy" on the back trunk, with the country's flag in the center of the image. As many of Paris' posts do, this one had sparkles that danced around the top of the photo.

The movie isn't the only thing on Paris' mind, however, as she's also busy promoting her new perfume, Platinum Rush.