Colton Underwood Teases Massive, Tantalizing Spoiler: ‘I Was Gone For A While… There Was No Bachelor’

Aaron PooleABC

The new season of ABC’s The Bachelor has started and star Colton Underwood is teasing big shockers ahead. Every season, fans hear a lot of hype from host Chris Harrison, show creator Mike Fleiss, and others about the drama set to play out. In this case, it sounds as if there really may be some stunning never-before-seen twists as Colton looks for love.

By now, most Bachelor fans have seen the previews with Colton jumping a fence and Chris sounding worried. Now, according to ET Online, that fence jumping truly is a big deal and it’s not just the show’s editors trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.

Underwood confirms that this tease of his is connected to the fence-jumping incident and the Bachelor star says that in that moment, he really was just done with the show. He wouldn’t be the first lead in the history of the franchise to talk as if he or she wanted to quit, but nobody has gone quite this far before.

“I was gone for a while. In that moment, and the feelings I was feeling, I left the show. I needed time to myself. In the moment I was gone, there was no Bachelor.”

Colton wouldn’t share anything more specific than that, such as how long he was essentially gone from filming and on his own. Underwood did say that the situation came as a result of his becoming quite overwhelmed. In addition, he joked about how he’s a capable Colorado guy who can make a fire and fight off coyotes on his own if needed, hinting that he might have been away from the production team for at least a solid chunk of time.

As viewers saw in the preview shown at the end of Monday’s premiere, Colton is seemingly gone for long enough that Chris and the producers end up searching for him for a while late at night. Underwood wouldn’t reveal additional Bachelor spoilers about why he left or why he came back, noting that he wants fans to ride the roller coaster with him and he doesn’t want anything to be taken out of context.

Of course, those who follow the Bachelor spoilers from gossip king Reality Steve can probably take a guess as to what caused this. As the Inquisitr has previously detailed, things reportedly get complicated for Underwood during the overnight dates while filming.

According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, during the time of those overnights, Colton becomes confident that he knows which woman he wants to pick. In fact, the buzz is that Underwood is so confident at this point that he eliminates the other two bachelorettes. Unfortunately, his chosen lady seemingly gets cold feet and she supposedly bolts from filming, heading home.

Given those Bachelor spoilers, it seems quite likely that Colton’s fence jump and momentary exit from the show come after his gal stuns him by quitting the show herself. Luckily, the season doesn’t end there though. Underwood reportedly goes after his chosen gal back in the States, and while it is an unconventional ending, they supposedly are at least dating now.

Will all of this drama play out as hyped? Given what reportedly goes down, fans can surely expect to be hearing a lot of superlatives regarding this upcoming chaos. While it’s not confirmed yet that all of this is tied together, it does seem to all fit and fans can’t wait to see it play out on-screen.

Are the Bachelor spoilers about those overnights correct and is that what causes Colton Underwood to temporarily walk away from the show? Will all of this drama ultimately lead to a happy, lasting relationship for Colton and his final pick? There are plenty of ups and downs ahead and fans will be anxious to see just what goes down.