‘General Hospital’ Weekly Sneak Peek Teases An Emergency For Anna And Taunting From Liesl

Craig SjodinABC

The action is heating up on General Hospital and spoilers for the week hint that there are some shockers on the way. Viewers are already waiting to see who Ryan will target next, how Brad will be busted for the baby switch, and what comes of Sam’s connection to Shiloh, but a new sneak peek teases drama on other fronts, too.

The tantalizing teaser came via the General Hospital Twitter page. It noted that both viewers and the residents of Port Charles will learn this week whether Ned or Laura is the mayor going forward, and spoilers tease that everybody will be on the edges of their seats watching as the results come in for the close race.

Kathleen Gati’s Liesl will be getting some scenes this week and they look fantastic. As viewers know, Obrecht is aware that Sasha isn’t really Nina’s biological daughter and that Valentin went to great lengths to fake this situation. She pressured Valentin to ensure she became a free woman in exchange for keeping his secret, but that doesn’t mean he can necessarily trust her.

The preview shows Liesl crossing paths with Nina and Valentin, and it seems she may have heard them discussing how they won’t have any more secrets between them. Obrecht can’t help but insert herself into this conversation and Valentin looks practically nauseous as she makes a quip about there being no secrets.

General Hospital spoilers hint that Nina might be intrigued by this remark and her beau’s reaction. However, there is no reason at this point for her to suspect the secret that Obrecht and Valentin are hiding from her.

The new preview also teases that there’s a fresh round of trouble on the way for Anna. In the clip, she’ll seem quite panicked as she says she needs a doctor. It looks like Peter is with her as this situation plays out, and the sneak peek teases that this is tied to a bombshell that’s on the way.

What’s going on with Anna? Some fans have speculated that this may be kicking off a storyline where her chronic illness flares up again. As General Hospital viewers will remember, a couple of years ago she was facing a significant medical crisis. Parade detailed at the time that Anna’s diagnosis involved a rare disease called polycythemia vera.


This disease is a rare blood cancer that is incurable. Viewers may recall that Anna started to have intense headaches and dizzy spells and the Mayo Clinic notes that additional symptoms can include blurred vision, numbness, shortness of breath, and weakness.

If Anna’s PV is flaring up again, it would give the writers a great opportunity to build up the dynamic she is building with Peter, add new layers to her relationship with Finn, and maybe give Griffin some purpose in the midst of his current struggles. Additional General Hospital spoilers about this bombshell should be coming soon and fans are anxious to see where this heads.

General Hospital and spoilers tease that fans have a lot to look forward to as the show ramps up for the upcoming February sweeps. Is Anna ill again or is the bombshell going to be something entirely different? How will Nina learn the truth about her child and what else do the writers have coming up? Viewers will be buzzing as this all plays out, and it looks like this week will be jam-packed with action.