Condom Service Offers ‘Express Delivery’ For Valentine’s Day [Video]

Condom Delivery Service

A condom service is offering “express delivery” for Valentine’s Day. CondAm, or Condom Ambulance, guarantees that College of New Jersey students can order and receive “emergency” condoms within five minutes on one of the busiest days of the year.

TCNJ Sophomore Kyle McCabe created the condom deliver service after a discussion with friends. Several volunteers help McCabe with his business, but he purchases and delivers most of the condoms himself.

As reported by NY Daily News, the Lifestyle and Glydes condom companies have contacted the McCabe and offered free samples. The inventive college student contends that he does not make a profit and is not interested in the money. He simply wants to “keep his campus safe.”

McCabe’s condom service is offering a special “express delivery” and a discount for Valentine’s Day. As stated on the CondAm Facebook page, condoms will be delivered within five minutes guaranteed. Additionally, students can buy “any amount” of Trojan brand condoms and get the same number of Glyde Vegan condoms for free.

The delivery service offers Trojan, Lifestyle, and Glyde brand condoms. McCabe charges $3 for one condom and $15 for 10. The service is offered 24/7, but is guaranteed in five minutes during “peak hours” on the weekend.

All condom orders are hand delivered as McCabe runs around the TCNJ campus wearing a flashing light and siren on his head. Customers can request a more “discreet” delivery minus the light and siren.

On a busy day McCabe averages around 30 to 40 orders. As Valentine’s Day is especially busy, the CondAm condom delivery service is offering the express delivery special throughout the day and tonight.