Colton Underwood’s ‘Bachelor’ Winner Predicted By Jimmy Kimmel As New Season Debuts On ABC

Rick RowellABC

A new season of The Bachelor has started airing on ABC, and that means that late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel is back with his predictions about how things will end. Jimmy has a great track record with these predictions, and fans will be curious to see if he’s nailed it again as regards Colton Underwood’s final rose pick.

Oftentimes, the new season’s star pops up on Jimmy Kimmel’s series to talk about the season after the premiere has aired. Colton Underwood wasn’t a guest on Monday’s show, but Kimmel discussed it anyway.

Kimmel talked about how his wife, Molly, takes this very seriously — and has a knack for picking the top four, as well as the winner, in many Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons. Of course, Jimmy never points out that his predictions are often eerily similar to what gossip king Reality Steve reveals in his spoilers. Regardless of whether the show simply borrows Reality Steve’s spoilers — or whether Jimmy’s crew come up with them on their ow — fans always get a kick out of what Kimmel shares on this front.

For Colton’s season, Jimmy revealed that he thinks the top four ladies will be Katie Morton, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, Hannah Godwin, and Cassie Randolph. Then, Kimmel predicted that Hannah and Cassie would be the final two, with Randolph winning Underwood’s season.


According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, as previously detailed by the Inquisitr, there are some unusual developments coming late in Colton’s season that make a traditional top four prediction a little tricky in some senses. Although it is only speculation, some might wonder whether the decision to not have Colton appear during this segment with Jimmy comes — in part — to try to prevent Underwood from giving away anything juicy with his reactions.

Kimmel usually gets along with the Bachelor and Bachelorette leads pretty well, and he typically does a great job of bantering with them while trying to trip them up to reveal some juicy spoilers. While Underwood may well pop up on Jimmy’s show at some point this season, viewers were left without watching the talk show host try to finagle some scoop from Colton, right as this new Bachelor run kicks into full swing.

Will Jimmy Kimmel and his wife, Molly, nail it with their Bachelor winner predictions again this time? Will Colton Underwood’s choices bring shockers that surprise everybody? Spoilers suggest that there are juicy twists and turns coming down, the road and fans cannot wait to watch it all play out.