‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Ariana Madix Details Skin Cancer Battle, Reveals Removal Scar

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Ariana Madix revealed a recent cancer scare on Instagram earlier this month and now, she’s speaking out and revealing new details about her battle with melanoma.

On Monday, January 8, Madix visited Entertainment Tonight Live, where the Vanderpump Rules cast member discussed her health crisis for the first time since going public with her terrifying diagnosis.

“I had for years asked doctors like, ‘I’ve had a mole that I’ve had forever, what’s the deal?’ And they basically said, ‘Well if it is not growing or changing, you should be fine.’ And then once I got some decent insurance, I made my way to a dermatologist who said, ‘We should just get rid of it anyways.’ And when they got rid of it, the biopsy came back that it was melanoma and then because it is close to lymph nodes, I had to go for like, a real surgery.”

Because of the surgery, Madix was left with two scars, one of which is located on her chest and another under her arm.

Following the removal of the melanoma, Madix is cancer free. That said, she will have to keep a close eye on her health and visit her specialist every six months. As she explained, it’s much easier for someone who has had cancer to get it again than it is for a patient to be diagnosed for the first time.

During her interview, Ariana Madix opened up her jacket and exposed a large scar across the left side of her chest.

Ariana Madix shows cancer scare on 'ET Live.'
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Ariana Madix first went public with her cancer diagnosis on Instagram on January 1.

“I had to have a lil bit o’cancer removed from my body and lymph nodes biopsied. (In the clear now!)” she wrote with a series of photos taken in 2018.

“Looking ahead to 2019 with optimism, hope, and more hard work on the horizon!” she added.

For the past couple of years, Madix has been dating Tom Sandoval, who also stars on Vanderpump Rules, and currently, the couple is living together at an apartment in Los Angeles, near where they work at SUR Restaurant. As for what’s next for the couple, Madix has made it clear on a number of occasions that she does not want to get married nor does she want to have kids.

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