Adam Schiff May ‘Pose Bigger Threat To Donald Trump Than Robert Mueller’ By Probing Trump Finances

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Even as a bipartisan group of United States Senators introduced new legislation this week that would make it more difficult for Donald Trump to fire Russia investigation special counsel Robert Mueller, according to the Associated Press, Trump faces what one expert says may be an even greater threat than Mueller and his probe into Trump’s Russia ties — a threat that comes from the new Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, California Representative Adam Schiff.

Soon after Mueller was named special counsel in 2017, Trump declared that he would consider it a “violation” by Mueller if the Russia investigation extended into Trump’s personal finances, strongly hinting to the New York Times that he would fire Mueller if the investigation crossed that “red line.”

“Now, it looks like it is going to happen. But the public face of the investigation of Trump’s finances won’t be Mueller,” wrote Tom McCarthy, national affairs correspondent for the Guardian, in a Monday column.

“Leading the charge will be someone Trump cannot fire: California congressman Adam Schiff.”

According to what Schiff told the Lawfare Podcast last month, Schiff will “drive directly at an area the president has sought to fence off: the details of his businesses, his lenders, and his partners in the U.S. and abroad,” McCarthy wrote.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump now faces the threat of seeing his businesses investigated by California Rep Adam Schiff Featured image credit: Chris KleponisGetty Images

“First and foremost, I would say that we need to get to the bottom of anything that could warp our national security policy in a way that is antithetical to the interest of the country,” Schiff told Lawfare.” The 58-year-old member of Congress, who took over the House Intelligence Committee as a result of Democrats’ regaining majority control of the House, added that he will focus his probe on allegations that “the Trumps, when they couldn’t get money from U.S. banks, were laundering Russian money.”

Schiff said money-laundering for Russian oligarchs and gangsters would “compromise” Trump in a way far more dangerous than any other sort of blackmail material, including the infamous “pee tape” allegation, which Inquisitr has covered extensively, and which postulates that during a 2013 trip to Moscow, Trump was secretly filmed by Russian agents watching prostitutes perform a “golden showers” — that is, urination — show on a hotel bed.

Trump has already lashed out at Schiff on his Twitter account, deliberately misspelling Schiff’s last name as a profanity, and in an August Twitter post, baselessly claiming that Schiff himself “colluded with the Russians.”