Catherine Zeta-Jones Stuns In Black Lingerie In Recently Resurfaced 1991 Photo

Earl Gibson IIIGetty Images

Catherine Zeta-Jones is the subject of an early-1990s series of black-and-white photos that have recently made headlines. As the Daily Mail pointed out, the 49-year-old actress posed for a series of sultry shots taken by renowned celebrity photographer John Stoddart in 1991, which are currently being shown in an exhibition at Partridges cafe in Chelsea.

In the photos, the Welsh beauty is featured wearing black lingerie as she poses in a room at the Dorchester Hotel in London. The actress was in her early 20s at the time, shortly before she moved to the United States to try to get her Hollywood start, the report contends. In one shot, Zeta-Jones is featured in a lace bra paired with a high-waisted skirt as the now-famous actress looks off camera over her shoulder with her lips lightly parted.

The Mask of the Zorro star has her hair styled in a vintage ‘do, a theme that runs through the series of 12 black-and-white photos shared on the website Iconic Images. In another snap, she is wearing a robe adorned with faux fur at the edges over lingerie as she sits on a bed. Another photo sees Zeta-Jones lying face down on the hotel bed, looking seductively at the camera.

In yet another photo, Zeta-Jones, wearing the lace bra and high-waisted skirt, stands on the bed as she touches her hair while making a playful, yet sensual facial expression. Another photo sees the Ocean’s Twelve actress in a white satin, off-the-shoulder dress that showcases her cleavage as she looks intently at the camera.

In all the photos, the beautiful actress is featured in clothing, hairstyle, and makeup reminiscent of the movie icons of classical Hollywood cinema, a look that suits Zeta-Jones classical beauty perfectly.

“I was good friends with Catherine when these photographs were taken in 1991,” John previously said, as quoted in the Daily Mail report. “She was a well-known TV star but at the time really wanted to make it in Hollywood. So we got a room at the Dorchester hotel and took these fantastic snaps of her looking like a true movie star. Not long after, she was making movies in Hollywood.”

According to the Daily Mail, Stoddart, who is famous for photographing artists on the cusp of stardom, has also shot the likes of Daniel Craig, Anthony Hopkins, Hugh Grant, and Tilda Swinton, whose photos are also being shown as part of the exhibition at Partridges cafe.