‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Cane And Victoria’s Shocking Connection!

Francis Specker / Sonja FlemmingCBS

Shocking new The Young and the Restless spoilers show that things get more complicated for Cane and Victoria as they desperately try to keep their kiss a secret in Genoa City.

After their children, Reed (Tristan Lake Leabu) and Charlie (Noah Alexander Gerry) had a hit-and-run that left Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) hospitalized fighting for her life, Victoria (Amelia Heinle) confronted Cane (Daniel Goddard), and the situation ended surprisingly. The pair kissed in the heat of the moment. These two desperately dislike each other, so it seemed as if this lip lock came out of left field. However, Cane actor Daniel Goddard explained the situation to Soaps in Depth.

Goddard said, “The kiss really came out of nowhere on the heels of a very heated argument were came accused her of not being a good person and said that all the men in her life and left her because she doesn’t know how to treat a man. She kind of lunged at him, and that led to the kiss!”

However, there were some complicated underlying emotions that could be easy to miss, which give some insight into why these two unlikely characters kissed each other. According to Goddard, “they have a true dislike for one another, but beneath that disdain is a compassion and understanding of what a human being is going through. Victoria is suffering through the loss of J.T. — and everything that happened to him — and Cane is suffering from his loss of Lily and his inability to cope with his family and running Chancellor.”

Inquisitr’s Y&R spoilers indicate that tomorrow, Cane finds a letter from Lily, and reading it intensifies the guilt Cane feels over kissing Victoria. Goddard admitted, “Oh, he feels shockingly guilty about that— and the letter makes it worse! He didn’t expect the kiss to happen.”


Plus, there’s Cane’s worry that the misstep could cost him the life he has carefully built with Lily.

“He loves his wife! He loves his kids! He can lose everything,” said Goddard.

Unfortunately, later this week, Cane and Victoria share a tense moment at J.T.’s memorial, which Billy (Jason Thompson) observes. Billy becomes suspicious of Cane and Victoria. Then, there’s the little detail that despite promising Victoria he’d never mention the kiss, Cane revealed the circumstances and his guilt to Jill (Jess Walton). Even though he did not say Victoria’s name, there’s a chance that if Billy brings up the tension between Cane and Victoria to Jill, then Jill could end up putting two and two together and realizing that Cane kissed Billy’s ex-wife.

Secrets never last long in Genoa City (unless it’s about J.T.), and this one will likely come out at the worst possible time.