Fiji Water Girl Kelleth Cuthbert Was Unaware Of Her Accidental Fame At Golden Globes

Gabriel OlsenGetty Images

The Fiji Water girl may just be the most popular star of the 2019 Golden Globes. She seems to be everywhere and she is okay with that. Kelleth Cuthbert was seen photo-bombing many snapshots of the most famous actors and actresses on the red carpet at the awards show on Sunday night. Who knew carrying around a tray full of water bottles would get her instant fame?

Cuthbert is a fashion model and a commercial actress. She is apparently used to making the most of every moment that a camera is in view. According to People, she said that she let her instincts take over when she knew she was in front of a camera, which was easy to do considering there were photographers everywhere you turned. Her modeling instincts told her to be sure to look directly at the camera at just the right time.

“There’s tons of photographers everywhere. It doesn’t matter where you stand, you’re in the crossfire of every shot. You’ve gotta have good face, at least, if you’re gonna be hovering in the background frequently.”

She apparently made quite the impression doing just that as she has become the talk of the Golden Globes. The brunette beauty wore a three-tiered royal blue dress for her job of handing out bottles of Fiji Water.

The model explained that some of the shots have her looking a little weird with her expressions. She blames that on the rapid shots that the photographers have to do to get a good photo of the stars on the red carpet. Fiji seemed to be quite pleased with all of the attention on their bottled water that Kelleth Cuthbert brought at the Golden Globes. They joked on Twitter on how she seems to be just a little too close for comfort at times.


“We’re so glad everyone is talking about our water! *senses ominous presence* She’s right behind us, isn’t she? #FIJIwatergirl”

She even won the Best Supporting Actress on a Red Carpet award. A hilarious clip featuring the Fiji Water girl making an acceptance speech is making the rounds on social media. She thanked all of the stars whom she photo-bombed, including Nicole Kidman and Dakota Fanning. She said that she also wanted to thank water because if it hadn’t been for all of those thirsty celebs, she wouldn’t have been able to “serve the way I did.”

Cuthbert’s one minute of fame may just turn into a lot more. One thing is for sure, she did get quite a bit of exposure for Fiji Water, as well as for herself. Those extremely thirsty stars at the Golden Globes may have just been her ticket to fame.