‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers For Wednesday: Victor And Jack Square Off

Cliff LipsonCBS

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Wednesday, January 9 brings The Mustache a visit in prison from Jack. Plus, Cane spirals after he receives a letter from Lily.

Victor (Eric Braeden) receives a visit from Jack (Peter Bergman) in jail, according to She Knows Soaps. Longtime enemies, of course, Jack Abbott cannot resist visiting Victor Newman in jail at the Genoa City Police Department. While they’re both united in theory by their concern for Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), that’s not enough to override the decades of animosity between these two men.

While Jack helped Nikki get to a meeting before the hit-and-run, it wasn’t enough to help her get back on the wagon. Ultimately, Nikki continued drinking and ended up in the hospital. Now, Jack visits Victor, and he eventually tells his nemesis, it doesn’t matter if he’s guilty or not, Victor will go down for the murder of J.T. Hellstrom.

Jack seems terribly sure about the fact that Victor will end up convicted, which makes it look as if Jack knows something that Victor does not know.

Meanwhile, Cane (Daniel Goddard) receives a letter from Lily (Christel Khalil). According to Inquisitr, the message causes Cane to see just how far apart they indeed are at this point. Lily still has months left on her sentence, and she’s changed to keep herself safe while she serves her time.


A struggling father of three, Cane can barely keep it together for his twins Mattie (Lexie Stevenson) and Charlie (Noah Alexander Gerry). Plus, he has his hands full handling everything at Chancellor. However, the absolute biggest thing weighing on his mind is that unexpected and unplanned kiss with Victoria (Amelia Heinle). How could something like that happen with somebody he dislikes so much? Cane’s mind is spinning over the situation.

Then, Charlie and Mattie inform him about the memorial that Reed (Tristan Lake Leabu) has planned at Victoria’s house for J.T. Cane absolutely does not want to go to Victoria’s house for any reason. Unfortunately, his kids convince him that it’s something they must do as a family and Cane has no choice but to give in and go to the memorial despite his uncomfortable feelings.

Unfortunately, later this week, Billy (Jason Thompson) observes a tense moment between Cane and Victoria, and he becomes suspicious of the unlikely pair. The last thing they need is their secret coming to light, but things have a way of getting out in Genoa City.