‘B&B’ Recap: Hope & Liam Say Goodbye To Beth With Their Parents’ Support

Cliff LipsonGetty Images

Bold and the Beautiful recap features Hope Logan Spencer (Annika Noelle) and Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton), who had to come to terms with the death of their baby girl, Beth. Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye), Bill Spencer (Don Diamont), and Brooke Logan Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang) arrived on Catalina Island, and they were excited to meet the new addition to the family, per She Knows Soaps.

Hope asked to speak to her mother alone. Per Inquisitr, Brooke asked her daughter, “What happened? Is it Beth?” At first Brooke did not seem to understand that Beth was gone, but afterward, she tried to comfort her sobbing daughter. Hope told her mother that she had suffered from a placental abruption and that she had blacked out during the delivery. She said that she had only one job to do and that she had failed Beth. She questioned whether she had made the correct decision on wanting to go on a babymoon on an island when she was so far along.

Brooke tried to reassure Hope and told her that she did nothing wrong. Hope even thought that she shouldn’t have named her daughter before she was born, but Brooke pointed out that many people do the same, or even name the child before conception. Hope said that Beth would never know how much she loved her. Brooke held her daughter and told her that Beth knows.

Liam told Bill and Ridge that Beth did not make it. Bill pulled his son in close for a hug and Liam broke down. Liam felt that Hope would be the perfect mom, and Ridge agreed. Bill told his son that he just needed to be there for his wife.


Reese Buckingham (Wayne Brady) asked Liam to sign some documents. Liam exploded and demanded to know what had happened. Buckingham explained that the placenta had separated from Hope’s uterus, depriving the infant of nutrients and oxygen. Ridge and Bill also demanded answers, which prompted Reese to ask them if they suspected human error.

Ridge, Bill, and Liam joined Hope and Brooke in the room. Liam tried to reassure his wife that they would manage to pull through this together. Liam asked everyone to join hands as he said goodbye to his baby girl. He told her how much she was loved and cried. He said that even though she wasn’t physically with them anymore, he could still feel her presence and that she would be in their hearts forever.

Even though she earlier said that she did not think she would be able to speak, Hope decided to say a few words. She told her daughter that she would think of her every day and that she felt her spirit. She said that Beth would always be a part of her. “Mommy loves you,” Hope wept. Liam held on to his grieving wife.