Beth Chapman Visited By Trespassing 'Holy Man' Who Thinks He Can Cure Her Cancer

Beth Chapman got an unwanted visitor a few weeks ago while she's convalescing from her deadly cancer: a self-described "holy man" who thought he could cure her cancer by touching her, Radar Online is reporting. Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman was having none of that and tried to kick him out, but the guy refused to leave and Duane had to call the cops.

The incident happened on December 23 but is only now being reported, thanks to inside information from a person connected to the family. And it's backed up by a police report.

It seems the family was in Colorado in between bouts of chemotherapy treatment for Beth, as the 56-year-old battles throat cancer that has since spread to her lungs. By most reports, Mrs. Chapman is likely to lose this battle with "incurable" cancer and may very well be in her last days.

That apparently didn't stop some stranger, identified only by his first name, Colby, from showing up unannounced and uninvited to the family's home to profess that he could cure Beth's cancer.

According to the source, Colby turned up with three suitcases and demanded to see Beth.

"He told Dog he'd been sent as a prophet from God and he could heal Beth — but he was super creepy. He kept saying Beth was beautiful!"
The police report obtained by Radar Online backs up the source's claim.
"A male about 35, white male with a beard, named Colby got out of vehicle and told [Dog's] daughter he was here to help her mother, and that he was sent from God. Male had three suitcases with him."
What happened next depends on whom you ask. According to the source, Dog did a "body check" on the trespasser to see if he had any weapons on him, then told him to hit the road. But the guy allegedly refused to leave, so Dog called the cops.

The police report doesn't mention any of that, saying simply that Dog "sent him away."

Neither the source nor the police report provides any real followup. That means that it remains unclear, as of this writing, if the guy was later caught and/or if he was charged with any crimes.

Meanwhile, the source has a message for anyone who thinks they can get between Dog and Beth.

"Dog will defend Beth until the bitter end. People should think twice before getting involved in their business!"