Fans Slam ‘The Bachelor’ On Twitter After Allegations Of A Big Season Twist

Rick RowellABC

Bachelor Nation took to Twitter after the show revealed on its official social media page that “this has never happened on The Bachelor before” and slammed the show for alleging a new twist in the long-running ABC reality dating series.

After the show’s three-hour season premiere, where Colton Underwood was seen looking for love, the show posted a montage of clips from the upcoming season teasing something new for fans to watch.

According to viewers, it’s the same old storyline with a new set of stars.

Much ado was made of Underwood’s virginity on the series and during its premiere, many direct references were made to scoring with the handsome athlete.

In the Twitter clip, the contestants talk about how they are “thrilled” they are that Underwood is a virgin, how handsome he is, how they can picture themselves with him; the usual Bachelor contestant rhetoric.

Also featured in the clip? Lots and lots of images of Underwood kissing, cuddling, and huddled in passionate embraces with many of the women featured this season.

“When I lose my virginity it will be tender, it will be caring, it will be passionate because I want to be in love the first time I have sex,” said Underwood in the clip of his “first time” having intercourse.

Many of the women in the Twitter promo stated they were “falling in love” with Underwood and remarked about feelings of jealousy toward the other women in the series.

They are also seen lying, scheming, and telling tales on one another in order to get one leg up on the competition in the ABC series.

“I’m here to fall in love and get married. I’m not here to get blindsided,” revealed Underwood in the clip in a montage of videos where he and several of the female contestants are seen crying.

For fans of the show, it was all a big yawn on Twitter.

“This literally happens on every episode,” stated one fan on the social media site.

“The crying is out of control,” joked another viewer.


Underwood also poked fun at himself on Twitter, posting a comment regarding his virginity and a popular Bachelor viewer drinking game.

“Is anyone drunk yet from taking shots anytime they say ‘virgin’?” joked the star of this season’s series.

E! News reported that Hannah G. received the First Impression rose on the show’s season premiere, a highly-coveted and oftentimes important indicator of who will make it the furthest in the competition.

E! also reported that on The Bachelorette, both Becca Kufrin and Rachel Lindsay gave their First Impression roses to the men who ultimately became their fiancés; and the same could be said for JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers, as well as Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth.

The Bachelor airs Mondays on ABC.