Helen Flanagan Sizzles In Lime Green String Bikini

Just six months after the birth of her second child, Helen Flanagan is turning heads as she flaunts her curvy figure and trim waistline in a tiny lime green bikini.

The British soap actress was recently spotted frolicking on a beachfront during her romantic holiday in Dubai with her footballer fiance, Scott Sinclair.

Helen sizzled in a simple, but sexy lime green string bikini that had just enough fabric to cover her intimate areas, but left every other curve uncovered. Flaunting her bouncy bosom, lean waistline, toned legs, and pristine pale complexion, the average passerby would never know that this mom-of-two has a 6-month-old breastfeeding baby at home.

The 28-year-old actress certainly showed no signs of struggling with postpartum baby weight as she enjoyed a sunny walk in Dubai’s shallow ocean waters with her fiance.

In photos obtained and published by the Daily Mail, the couple can be seen walking hand-in-hand down the coastline, lost in conversation, occasionally stopping to enjoy a kiss and a warm embrace.

The couple’s romantic getaway comes shortly after the two became officially engaged back in June of 2018. Helen and Scott have been together for nearly nine years and already have one other daughter, 3-year-old Matilda.

Despite being a soap star in the public eye, Helen has admitted to a struggle with anxiety since being a mom, especially when it comes to breastfeeding.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, the actress said that while she now has much less hesitation about breastfeeding her youngest in public whenever necessary, it wasn’t always so. The star says that after her first child was born, feeding in public would fill her with such shame and anxiety that it often drove her to feed in the privacy of the family’s car.

Helen says that after having sought therapy for her troubles with anxiety she is “much more confident” this go around with baby No. 2. She also says that she is much more comfortable feeding when the need arises and no longer feels the need to hide.

“I breastfeed whenever I need to when I’m out and about and it doesn’t really bother me. Sometimes I use a blanket and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I have to latch Delilah on and I’m not going to use it if I’m all hot and bothered, so I just do what’s right for my baby and if anyone has a problem then that’s their problem, not mine,” she explained.