Netflix Throws Some Serious Shade At Golden Globes On Twitter

Paul DrinkwaterNBCUniversal via Getty Images

Advertisements on television are probably the bane of every series lover’s life. Over the years, the breaks during a TV show have been placed at the most inopportune moments, usually right after something important has happened, leaving viewers frustrated as to what will happen next as they watch terrible acting to encourage consumers to buy the latest pills or laundry detergent.

In the last few years, however, streaming services have come to the fore that offer consumers an ad-free experience. Those services include, of course, Netflix. On Sunday night, when people were tuning into the 2019 Golden Globe Awards, the streaming giant took to their Twitter account to poke fun at their customers who had decided to watch the prestigious awards show, according to Mashable.

“Shoutout to everyone who is watching commercials for the first time in several months.”

Somehow, it’s unlikely that the shade is going to get NBC or the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to change their ways and remove ads anytime soon, given that the biggest source of revenue in these television services is still advertising to this day.

This snark from the streaming service also came despite the fact that a number of Netflix shows represented at the awards, taking home some serious silverware.

Fans of the service also took to their own Twitter accounts to respond with shade of their own directed at Netflix.

Others, however, saw the funny side of things, tweeting various hilarious GIFs in response to the sass offered up by Netflix.

Some users even offered up their own snark for the Golden Globes, responding to Netflix.

“Skipped the Golden Globes and just watched #BirdBox instead,” wrote one user. Another added, “tf is a commercial?”

“My kid didn’t know what commercials were thanks to you all when he was around 4. He was highly offended when watching cable one day,” one woman wrote to Netflix.

One man is eagerly awaiting a response from either NBC or the Golden Globe Awards, also taking to Twitter with a funny GIF with his tweet.

At the event, Netflix show The Kominsky Method took home the award for Best Comedy Series, while the series’ lead actor Michael Douglas won the award for Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. Douglas praised the advent of streaming services such as Netflix in his acceptance speech, per a report by Unilad.

“Streaming has made television much more acceptable to film people. That’s why you’re seeing so many film actors go in… That’s why now you’re seeing situations like The Kominsky Method, a half-hour comedy which can be 25 minutes long or 40 minutes long. You can say anything you want. There are no commercials. It’s as close as you can get to a short film,” he said.