‘Bachelorette’ Lovebirds JoJo Fletcher And Jordan Rodgers Are Still Together, But What About A Wedding Date?

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JoJo Fletcher chose Jordan Rodgers at the end of her Bachelorette season in 2016 and the two are still going strong. They have a lot on their plates these days, including a new online show, and they still don’t seem in any rush to set a wedding date. In some recent interviews, they opened up a bit about why they’re waiting, and fans will not want to miss this opportunity to get up to speed.

Last fall, JoJo and Jordan talked with E! News about how their relationship has transformed over the past couple of years. Fletcher and Rodgers got engaged during their finale that aired in 2016 and they admit now that the first year was really difficult for them.

In fact, Jordan and JoJo have admitted that they worked very hard to push their relationship forward together, and they acknowledge that it was draining in that initial year. It seems they were very much on the verge of breaking up, but instead, they rallied and pushed ahead, determined to fight for their relationship.

Jordan and JoJo have spent more than two years now dodging the question about when their wedding will be. Last fall, the Bachelorette star admitted that she hates getting the question just because she always feels she’s letting fans down when she says there’s nothing on the horizon yet.

Fletcher went so far to say the first year of their relationship was, frankly, pretty bad at times. JoJo adds that they didn’t even really get to enjoy that first year together all that much, but she emphasized that they are in a great place now. The Bachelorette star says the wedding will come, and that they’ve talked about where to have their nuptials. So far, though, nothing much has been firmly decided yet.

As the Inquisitr shared last August, JoJo and Jordan now have a reality television show of their own and it is available via the Kin Network online. The Bachelorette stars have been pretty open during their show about how rough those early months of their engagement were and last fall, People shared some of the key moments from one of their brutally honest episodes.

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The Bachelorette fans probably remember that there was a lot of buzz and plenty of tabloid stories that emerged during and right after Fletcher’s season. Jordan was hit with a lot of talk about infidelity and it was challenging for the two to work through it all. He had moved almost immediately to Dallas where she was living, but there were constant rumors about how they were supposedly faking their relationship, living apart, or about to split.

During that time, JoJo and Jordan realized that they had seriously isolated themselves and they did reach a point where they either needed to split up or find a way to make things work. While the Bachelorette stars nearly gave up, they fully opened up to one another, and Rodgers says he even started working with a therapist to sort through everything.

Luckily now, in the midst of busy careers and numerous projects, JoJo and Jordan say that their relationship is the best that it’s ever been. The Bachelorette stars acknowledge that things aren’t perfect, but JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers do seem to be in a truly great place in their relationship right now. They may not be setting a wedding date yet, but they also don’t seem to be anywhere near splitting either and fans are rooting for them to go the distance.