Prince Harry ‘Changed’ & ‘Beguiled’ By Meghan Markle Since Royal Wedding, Lady Colin Campbell Says

Stephen PondGetty Images

Lady Colin Campbell, royal commentator and author of three Princess Diana biographies, appeared on the British Channel 5 documentary Kate V Meghan: Princesses at War on Sunday. During the special, she spoke about Prince Harry’s relationship with Meghan Markle. Campell claimed that the prince has “drastically changed” since he married the former actress in May, the Sun reported.

“Everything I hear is that Harry is completely beguiled by Meghan and completely enthralled to her,” Campbell said, adding that “people do change when they get married.”

Campbell’s inside sources have allegedly also told her that Harry has “changed considerably.”

Rumors about Meghan’s behavior have circulated in light of the feud between her and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. Reports of Meghan acting in a demanding, cruel manner before her royal wedding surfaced, and it was said that the royal staff nicknamed the Suits star “Duchess Difficult,” according to Express.

According to royal biographer Robert Johnson, Harry became overwhelmed while he and Meghan prepared for the wedding and lashed out at staff for not keeping up with his fiancee’s demands. The Duke of Sussex reportedly yelled, “what Meghan wants, she gets.”

Also at the time of wedding preparations, it was said that Meghan caused Kate to cry during a “stressful” bridesmaid dress fitting because things were not going as the soon-to-be royal had planned. The two duchesses have reportedly put the incident behind them, although some fans of the royal family cite this as the start of the disagreements between the women.

Despite rumors, many royal family insiders have actually reported positive changes in Harry since his relationship with Meghan began, International Business Times reported. For example, back in March, it was said that Meghan encouraged Harry to quit smoking.


Since meeting Meghan, Harry has also kept up with a healthy diet, visibly losing pounds very quickly. He now watches what he eats and takes supplements. One insider reportedly said that Meghan is “a beautiful influence on Harry.”

Most recently, Meghan asked her husband to quit drinking alcohol and caffeinated beverages during her pregnancy. Harry has so far complied, which is an enormous step, considering the royal had been a heavy drinker, smoker, and partier since his teenage years.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl noted that Harry is often influenced by his girlfriends, as evidenced by his past relationships, but he has been helped by Meghan the most.

“Historically Harry has always been ‘tamed’ by his girlfriends, we saw that with Chelsy and Cressida, but I think Meghan’s had a bigger influence on him than any other woman,” Nicholl explained.