Looters Reportedly Raided The Home Of Halle Berry During Malibu Wildfires, Per ‘Radar’

Jon KopaloffGetty Image

Actress Halle Berry was one of many people forced to evacuate during the terrible Miami fires that tore through California, but in her case, the deadly flames weren’t the biggest danger. As reported by Radar Online, sources are claiming that Berry’s $8 million dollar mansion was looted during the evacuation — by some very creative thieves.

According to the source, the looters pulled boats up alongside Berry’s oceanfront home in order to steal her valuables. The actress, 52, and her two children had already evacuated — along with their neighbors — to escape the deadly Woolsey Fire on November 8, 2018.

“The looters got there by boat,” the source told Radar. “Literally, they were pirates!”

The situation was made worse when Berry was informed of the theft, but was unable to risk returning to her home to survey the damage.

“When Halle was told about what happened, she couldn’t get back into the area and she was frantic!” the source explained. And judging from the way they managed to handle both the deadly fire and the high-stakes heist, it’s safe to say that these looters were not inexperienced criminals.

“These criminals were clever,” said the source. “They knew exactly what they were doing! They knew that the fire gave them exactly the cover they needed to pull off the job!”

The source went on to say that numerous priceless pieces of artwork, as well as a host of valuable personal items, had been taken from the Monster’s Ball actress in the theft.


Looting was a major problem during the Woolsey fires, with many celebrities doing their best to protect their homes and property during the disaster. Numerous reports of theft occurred during the evacuation, which saw stars like Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian-West, and Cher all fleeing their homes to escape the flames.

Some celebrities came prepared to handle the looting problem, however. Pink’s husband, Carey Hart, took to Instagram during the crisis — sharing a photo of armed men in front of a sign that simply said, “Looters will be shot on site.” Other celebrities took additional precautions to protect their homes from looters during the evacuation. But considering they came from the sea, the raid of Berry’s home was a decidedly unexpected move.

Despite the reported robbery, Berry seemed to be in good spirits at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night. The actress, whose home was ultimately spared by the fires that destroyed about $5 billion in real estate, was on hand to present at the awards show. She was joined by actress and screenwriter Lena Waithe.

There is no indication as to whether the looters have been located, or if authorities have any leads on the matter.