R Kelly Reportedly Fires Back With Explosive Facebook Page Exposing Accusers Featured On 'Surviving R Kelly'

Over the weekend, Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly dominated primetime TV with record-breaking viewership -- and the singer definitely isn't thrilled about it. In fact, R. Kelly is reportedly so "disgusted" by the docuseries that sources suggest he's firing back to defend himself.

Many viewers were left flabbergasted by the graphic accounts detailed by alleged victims who were previously involved with the singer. From alleged victims who were underage while romantically involved with the singer -- to former backup singers, his personal assistant, and his own brothers -- more than 25 former acquaintances shared details about the disturbing things they'd witnessed while in R. Kelly's presence.

By the end of the docuseries, most viewers were convinced the statements were far from just "rumors." However, R. Kelly is still defending himself. According to TMZ, the singer has reportedly launched a new Facebook page to expose all who were featured on the Lifetime docuseries. It has been reported that the Facebook page is titled, "Surviving Lies." The page's profile photo bears an image of the Disney character Pinocchio, and posts are already being shared on the incriminating Facebook page. It is still unclear whether or not R. Kelly orchestrated this page, but media outlets are reporting that "Surviving Lies" is his official page.

The page also includes a link to the domain SurvivingLies.com. Since the page is being reported by multiple news outlets, fans have already begun following the page -- firing back at the posts being shared. So far, text message screenshots have been shared on the Facebook page, and most fans are arguing that there's really no way to confirm whether or not the posts are authentic.

This latest news follows a string of incriminating details about the infamous reports concerning Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly, which aired January 3 through January 5. The six-hour docuseries chronicles the long-standing rumors about R. Kelly's alleged sexual encounters with underage girls.

Over the past 25 years, the singer has been accused of allegedly holding relationships with teenage girls. In recent years, reports have suggested the relationships could be described as something similar to a sex cult. The disturbing details outlined in Surviving R. Kelly have turned many celebrities and fans against the rap artist. After watching the conclusion of the three-night special, social media users quickly flooded networks with their reactions. While many fans are interested to see what R. Kelly has to say about the accusations contained within the series, others believe that he should leave the situation alone -- completely -- before making things worse by further incriminating himself.

R. Kelly has reportedly expressed a desire to sue all who were involved with the production of Surviving R. Kelly, but the possibility of him taking legal action has yet to be confirmed.