‘The Bachelor’ 2019 Spoilers: Episode 2 Brings Colton Underwood’s First Dates & The Competition Gets Intense

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The Bachelor star Colton Underwood has met his 30 bachelorettes and made his initial round of cuts. The women are already getting competitive for Underwood’s roses, and spoilers tease that things will get intense as the first dates of the season play out during Episode 2 airing on Monday, January 14.

Gossip guru Reality Steve has been sharing Bachelor spoilers ever since filming started and he’s dished out some delicious details regarding Episode 2. As is typically the case, a couple of contestants won’t get to go on a date at all with Colton, and there will be two group dates along with just one individual date.

The first group outing reportedly has eight bachelorettes going out with Colton. They will meet Will & Grace star Megan Mullally and her husband Nick Offerman, and Bachelor spoilers tease that each of the ladies will need to get up in front of everybody on stage at the Regent in Los Angeles and talk about a “first” of theirs.

This group excursion is said to include Bri Barnes, Catherine Agro, Demi Burnett, Elyse Dehlbom, Hannah Godwin, Nicole Lopez-Alvar, Onyeka Ehie, and Tracy Shapoff. Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers haven’t revealed too many details about this date, but he does detail that Elyse gets the rose during that outing.

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Hannah Brown gets the first one-on-one of Underwood’s season, but Reality Steve didn’t reveal any scoop about what she got to do with Colton. It apparently was her birthday on the day of this date and she is said to get a rose from the Bachelor so she’ll be sticking around for now.

The other group date included 12 women and they were faced with a “Camp Bachelor”-themed date. Everybody gathered at a campground and had to compete in various outdoor games. Reality Steve’s spoilers noted there was a relay race, football, badminton, and cornhole, and the ladies had to compete in a talent show as well.

The women were split into two teams for a portion of this date and there was a Tug of War battle at the end. The winning team is said to be made up of Alex Blumberg, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, Cassie Randolph, Heather Martin, Katie Morton, and Tayshia Adams. The Bachelor spoilers share that the losing team consisted of Caitlin Clemmens, Courtney Curtis, Erika McNutt, Kirpa Sudick, Nina Bartula, and Sydney Lotuaco.

Reality Steve says that Heather got the rose on that “Camp Bachelor” group date, and both Annie Reardon and Angelique Sherman missed out on getting an Episode 2 outing with Colton at all. At the cocktail party, Alex seemingly dozed off during her one-on-one time with Colton and fans have to think that’ll end up coming back to bite her.

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Demi Burnett is apparently an early villain of Colton’s season and she doesn’t waste much time shaking things up. The Bachelor spoilers reveal that during the cocktail party, she’ll show up in a bathrobe at one point and apparently she’ll pull Underwood into a closet for some secluded chit-chat. This is sure to rattle some of the other ladies, but Demi seemingly makes it clear this winter that she doesn’t worry about what the other women say.

At the rose ceremony, four women will be eliminated. Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers say that Alex, Angelique, Annie, and Erika will be the ladies headed home at this point. Will any frontrunners emerge this early on in Underwood’s season? From the sounds of things, it’ll take a little longer yet to see who really snags Colton’s interest and spoilers tease that there are wild twists and turns on the way this winter.