Kevin Spacey’s Brother Slams Him In Exclusive Interview In Wake Of Today’s Court Appearance

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Kevin Spacey is finally appearing in court on groping allegations and in wake of his latest court date, his brother Randy Fowler is speaking out yet again. The 62-year-old recently sat down for an interview with Radar Online where he shared his reaction to his brother’s court appearance. Since the first allegations back in 2004, Randy – who reportedly works as a limousine driver and Rod Stewart impersonator – has reportedly been hoping Kevin Spacey would be brought to justice.

Randy went on to offer his brutally honest opinion of Kevin Spacey, revealing how he thinks his brother feels exempt from ever facing consequences for his alleged behavior. In conjunction with Randy’s previous comments about Kevin being a narcissist, he now insists his brother is “the worst of the worst.”

“He actually believes that because he’s an actor, society should give him a pass because you loved him as these diabolical characters in the movies, so you should love him as a real sex pervert. He’s the worst of the worst.”

Since Kevin Spacey was acquitted of the previous allegations back in 2004, Randy believes that was the turning point when the former House of Cards actor began to believe he was invincible.

“The first allegation against him came out in 2004 and he managed to shovel it under the carpet. But I knew it was just a matter of time. He has destroyed a lot of souls.”

Randy’s latest interview follows a string of reports regarding the groping allegations against Kevin Spacey. The famed actor was reportedly accused of groping a young male at the Car Club restaurant in Nantucket back in 2016. Footage of the incident has also surfaced since it occurred. It was announced that Kevin Spacey would be facing charges of indecent assault and battery following accusations from multiple victims. Shortly after the allegations were made public, Netflix opted to sever ties with Kevin Spacey, axing his leading role in House of Cards.

Over the past several months, Kevin Spacey has made an effort to stay out of the public eye. In fact, until recently, Kevin Spacey had not been seen in more than a year. It was rumored that he may attempt to disappear. As the days drew closer to Kevin Spacey’s felony charges of sexual assault, insiders claimed he was traveling under the alias Kevin Fowler, according to the Daily Mail.

The insider said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not been seen because he is going out in public wearing a disguise.”

Amid Kevin Spacey’s court appearance today, Randy concluded his interview with Radar by reiterating how he feels about his brother. While he doesn’t intend to wish bad luck on his brother, he believes he’ll have to “face his accusers.”

Despite the claims against Kevin Spacey, several reports suggest he plans to plead not guilty.