‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Scheana Marie Confirms She Does Not Have A Boyfriend, Explains Decision To Freeze Eggs

Charley GallayE! Entertainment

Scheana Marie has been facing a ton of backlash online since confirming her decision to freeze her eggs.

Over the weekend, the Vanderpump Rules star opened up about her decision and as she attempted to battle back against her critics on Twitter, the reality star and singer confirmed she and boyfriend Adam Spott are not actually dating.

On January 5, a fan tweeted to Scheana, slamming her for putting her career before her relationships and suggesting she turned down the “right” man.

“None of this makes any sense,” Scheana replied. “I’m freezing eggs, not embryos. I don’t have a man. I don’t want kids now. I’m focusing on my career and my future. When/If the time comes to use my eggs, I pray they are good.”

As fans well know, Scheana and Adam have been spending a ton of time together over the past several months and appear to be a couple. However, according to Scheana, she isn’t committed to any one man and wants to make sure she will have the opportunity to have children eventually, even if she doesn’t find someone soon.

“I’m currently making a selfless decision for my future. What if the right guy does come around and then it’s too late?” she asked one fan.

Below is a photo of Scheana Marie and rumored boyfriend Adam Spott.


While Scheana Marie attempted to defend her decision to freeze her eggs publicly, not all of her fans and followers were convinced she is doing the right thing. As one person pointed out, there is no guarantee that freezing eggs will result in the future conception of a child.

Still, despite all the backlash, Scheana maintained confidence in her decision.

“Why would I regret making a smart decision for my future? I would regret NOT doing this than taking the chance. Life IS too short. That’s why I’m doing this now,” she explained.

Over the past several years, Scheana has been seen in a couple of longterm relationships but during Season 7, she made a point to remain single as the majority of her co-stars’ relationships became more serious. That said, she and Adam have been featured together on the show on a number of occasions and appear to have a very special bond with one another.

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