Bella Hadid Announces She Has Quit Juuling Via Instagram Post

Lauren Saccone

Model Bella Hadid is sharing her New Year's resolution with the world, and hoping to give up a bad habit. On Monday, the supermodel took to her Instagram to announce she is quitting Juuling in 2019.

Hadid shared her resolution with her millions of followers, alongside a video of herself indulging in Juuling. In the video, the model is wearing a dark gray beanie with a dark gray hoodie over it. She places the Juul in her mouth and takes several drags, creating plumes of smoke that flow from her mouth and nostrils. Hadid then pulls her hoodie up overhead while continuing to smoke the device.

The caption to the post is short and sweet and sums up Hadid's goals for the New Year -- at least when it comes to smoking.

"2019 resolution - quit juuling!" The supermodel wrote on Instagram. "So far so good!" She followed the optimistic post with numerous images of the no smoking symbol to emphasize her commitment to her goal.

This isn't the first time Hadid has used Instagram to announce she's giving up a bad habit. Back in March of 2017, the supermodel posted a glamorous black-and-white photo of herself smoking a cigarette. The caption on the striking photo simply stated, "I quit."

Although fewer teens are smoking cigarettes, their devotion to vaping has raised serious concerns in the health industry. And while proponents of vaping insist that Juuling is better than cigarettes, as it doesn't have any dangerous tar in it, it still comes with a host of potential health issues. Researchers have indicated that while e-cigarettes are better than the traditional option, they are still introducing cancer-causing chemicals into the smoker's body, according to Women's Health.

Hadid herself has come under fire frequently for her smoking habits. She's been criticized on numerous occasions for smoking in photoshoots and events and accused of glamorizing a dangerous habit. Here's hoping she keeps her resolution in 2019 -- and inspires others to do the same as well!