Samuel L Jackson Endorses Congresswoman’s Use Of His Favorite Swear Word

Slaven Vlasic Getty Images

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, a newly sworn-in Democratic congresswoman from Michigan, drew some controversy last week after she vowed to impeach President Trump, and referring to him by a curse word (“the mother f—-r”) while doing so.

The comment set off a lengthy debate about civility in politics. Tlaib was rebuked by President Trump, who claimed that the congresswoman had “dishonored herself and dishonored her family,” as well as various pundits and politicians, who were shocked at her incivility.

Even some Democrats were critical of Tlaib, as her vow in the first week of the new Congress to push for Trump’s impeachment was contradictory to Democratic messaging, which has largely focused on the party’s legislative agenda and waiting for results from special counsel Robert Mueller before pursuing any impeachment measures.

“I don’t really like that kind of language,” Rep. Jerry Nadler, the Democratic representative from New York who is now chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, told the New York Times.

Rep. Tlaib has refused to apologize – stating that “I will always speak truth to power”- and even gotten praise from some Democrats, who note that supporters of Donald Trump are in no position to complain about vulgarity from other politicians. And now, Rep. Tlaib’s comments have garnered praise for the actor most commonly associated with that particular phrase.

On Twitter Sunday night, actor Samuel L. Jackson endorsed the congresswoman’s comments, including her use of that word.


“I just wanna Wholeheartedly endorse your use of & clarity of purpose when declaring your [mother f—–] goal last week,” Jackson said, after tagging Rep. Tlaib. “Calling that Muthafukkah a [mother f—–] is not an issue, calling that Muthaffuqah President Is!!!” He added a hashtag that that particular word was “too good to waste on that canker sore.”

The congresswoman does not appear to have responded to Jackson’s endorsement.

Jackson is known for frequently using that particular word in his work. In his breakout role, 1994’s Pulp Fiction, Jackson not only carried a wallet inscribed with the phrase “Bad Mother F—–,” but in one scene, posted on YouTube, he used the word twice in a row (“well I’m a mushroom cloud-laying motherf—–, motherf—–“). Jackson has also used the phrase in other films, most notably the 2006 action film Snakes On a Plane, which can also be found on YouTube.

The actor and the president have feuded before. In 2016, per Golf Digest, they had a dispute in which Jackson accused Trump of cheating at golf, at which point the then-candidate denied that he had ever golfed with the actor. Jackson then posted a bill from Trump’s club.