Queen Elizabeth Gives Meghan Markle The Position Of Patron Of The Royal National Theatre

Chris JacksonGetty Images

As Queen Elizabeth is now 92-years-old, she is looking to begin cutting back on her royal workload. She has begun passing on many of her royal duties to other family members in an effort to delegate. It was recently announced that the Duchess of Sussex was given her first official royal duty, awarded to her by Queen Elizabeth herself. Markle is expected to take on the position of patron of the Royal National Theatre, a duty previously handled by the queen, according to Honey.

The position is the perfect fit for Markle, who made a name for herself as an actress prior to her relationship with Prince Harry. Her most prominent acting role was on the popular American legal drama, Suits. Although she has put her acting career on hold upon becoming a member of the royal family, this position will allow her to take part in her acting passion once again.

The duchess recently met with the organization’s director, Rufus Norris, to discuss the responsibilities her new role will entail. Even after leaving her beloved role on Suits after seven years, Markle’s appreciation for acting and the film industry has never dwindled. This past August, she attended a gala performance for the musical Hamilton alongside Prince Harry. Later in the year, the couple also enjoyed a visit to production company Courtenay Creative, which allowed them the opportunity to meet with young budding actors who hope to make a name for themselves in the film industry.


Markle is looking forward to having her own new projects to work on after switching her professional focus following her royal wedding to Prince Harry in May 2018. Aside from her career as an actor, she also gave up her lifestyle blog The Tig. The Duchess previously used the platform to share recipes and lifestyle tips with her large following before closing the site down in 2017.

Meanwhile, NBCUniversal is still holding out hope that Markle will one day consider making one last cameo on USA Network’s Suits. The Daily Mail recently reported that the network is willing to dish out a hefty sum of cash in an effort to convince the duchess to make a final appearance on the show.

“No final figure has yet been arrived at but negotiations are likely to be opened in the very near future. I’ve heard sums ranging from two to six million being kicked around and that sounds a lot – but it would be one of the biggest marketing coups in TV history,” a source told the publication.