Kendall Jenner’s Big Announcement Revealed: She Is The New Face Of Proactiv

Gabe GinsbergGetty Images

Kardashian and Jenner fans have been anxiously waiting for Kendall Jenner’s big announcement since Kris Jenner first brought it up on Instagram earlier this week. Kris claimed that Kendall would be opening up about a personal issue that she’s been dealing with for years by starting a raw and honest dialogue. Many fans speculated that Kendall would likely be addressing her battle with anxiety, something she has touched on briefly in the past. However, the model’s news was not what anyone expected. She recently announced that she will be the new face of skin care brand Proactiv, according to People.

The 23-year-old model has dealt with acne throughout her teens and into adulthood. She was praised by many for not allowing her skin issues to hold her back from her high-profile career, showing up at the Golden Globes last year despite suffering from a bad breakout. Although Kendall has tried to get her acne under control in the past with the help of many dermatologists and skin care products, nothing proved effective.

After she had tried everything else she could think of, she decided to give Proactiv a try and saw immediate results, she claims.

“A lot of people have seen me struggling with acne mostly through paparazzi photos or the Golden Globes,” she told People. “I had exhausted all other options and [decided to] try Proactiv. It really worked for me. I feel great on the inside and out.”


Kendall’s career as one of the biggest supermodels of this generation requires her to feel comfortable and confident in her body, despite what skin problems she might be dealing with. She hopes to encourage other girls to embrace their imperfections. It is because of her positivity and confidence that Proactiv’s vice president of creative, Charles Ressler, thought she would be the perfect person to represent the skin care brand.

“She really wants to help people heal from their acne, inside and out, and that’s our goal too, so this partnership just made sense. We knew our campaign had to be a platform for Kendall to do just that. I’ve worked with and known many celebrities and I have never been so impressed as I am by the genuineness of Kendall — she’s a special person.”

Kendall said that the easy regimen Proactiv provides is the perfect fit for her busy lifestyle. She applies a cleanser, retinoid acne cream, and a sunscreen each day. The combination of the three products has helped her get her skin back on track.