R Kelly’s Incarcerated Brother Bruce Kelly’s Rap Sheet Finally Revealed

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When the first two episodes of Surviving R. Kelly premiered on Lifetime on Thursday, January 3, fans were met with a glimpse of R. Kelly’s past prior to his rise to fame. The singer’s two brothers Carey and Bruce Kelly offered details about their childhood to paint an image of the child many fans have come to know as R. Kelly. Both brothers shared details about many different occurrences during their childhood admitting their brother was reportedly shy and timid as a child. While the two did agree on details about R. Kelly’s childhood personality, they appeared to disagree when it came to his previous, highly publicized child pornography case.

Carey opened up about a number of questionable experiences they’d endured as children and he even admitted how furious he was when R. Kelly’s legal team reportedly attempted to say he was the man on the incriminating tape. However, R. Kelly’s incarcerated brother Bruce’s reaction to everything seemed quite different.

According to BET, Bruce allegedly tried to explain his brother’s attraction to “younger women.” Wearing a prison jumpsuit on camera, Bruce claimed his brother’s actions are simply a result of preference. “Robert likes younger women. You have people who have fetishes about different things. I like older women. Go figure, you know. But that’s just a preference… Everyone has preferences. So what is the big deal? What’s the big issue with my brother?”

To many fans, it seemed as if Bruce was making an effort to defend his brother and justify his allegedly abusive behavior toward women.

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In fact, Bruce seemed to defend R. Kelly so fiercely, many fans became curious to know why he’s behind bars himself. On social media, fans asked an array of questions wondering if Bruce had been found guilty of the same types of crimes R. Kelly is being accused of. Now, fans and several media outlets have gone digging for information and the details have been confirmed.

Vibe magazine reports that according to Chicago arrest records, Bruce Kelly has a lengthy rap sheet consisting of charges on burglary, probation violation, drug possession, and more. The latest news about R. Kelly’s brother, Bruce, follows a string of reports about his latest incarceration. It has been reported that Bruce is currently serving time at the Vandalia Correctional Center on charges stemming from a burglary that occurred back in 2016. He is currently serving two to four years in prison and is expected to be released in December of this year.