R Kelly Survivor’s Mom Reveals What Really Happened She Was Reunited With Her Daughter On ‘Surviving R Kelly’

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R. Kelly has sparked a media firestorm following the release of Lifetime’s six-part docuseries, Surviving R. Kelly. The lengthy series, which aired over the last three nights, has offered fans an in-depth look into the lives of R. Kelly’s long list of alleged emotional, mental, and sexual abuse victims. For most fans, the series touched on a number of disheartening and disturbing topics that have left viewers with tons of unanswered questions. However, there’s one family resting a little easier tonight and that’s the family of Dominique Gardner.

If you haven’t seen Surviving R. Kelly, the fifth episode highlights Dominique’s mother Michelle traveling to Beverly Hills, California after seeing her daughter online standing in front of a Marriot hotel. After seeing the video, the desperate mother – who has been going back and forth with R. Kelly about her daughter for the past nine years – boarded a plane to California in hopes of bringing her daughter home. Unlike many others seeking to get their daughters away from R. Kelly, Michelle Kramer reportedly managed to succeed. Now that the docuseries has aired, she’s finally speaking out about her daughter’s rescue from R. Kelly. During a recent interview with People magazine, Michelle opted to share her story.

According to the publication, Dominique crossed paths with R. Kelly back in 2009 when she was just 18-years-old. Her mother has revealed the relationship she had with her daughter rapidly declined as she became more involved with R. Kelly. Michelle has revealed her daughter actually started out working for R. Kelly as “an assistant.” While Dominique reportedly declined to speak, she did give her mother permission to speak on her behalf. Michelle revealed her daughter would still come home for holidays but once she was no longer on her mother’s phone plan, things changed drastically.

“Stop believing everything you hear,” the mother recalls.

“I begged her to please come home. She broke down and cried and then hung up.”

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Michelle Kramer also recalled the riveting day that was captured on Surviving R. Kelly when she reunited with her daughter. The cameras captured the moment Michelle knocked on her daughter’s hotel room but there was more. Dominique reportedly revealed to her mother that she’d been praying for a “sign” or a way out. The day her mother showed up at the hotel in Beverly Hills, she knew that was the sign she’d been looking for.

“I went to her room door and told her I just wanted to have lunch,” says Kramer.

“She called him to ask, and he said no. Later she told me every time she wanted to leave he would break down crying, promising he wouldn’t hit her anymore.”

The mother continued, “She’d been praying for a sign, and her mom showing up was it. She met me in the hotel bathroom, and we ran out and never looked back. I got my daughter back.”

At the moment, R. Kelly has denied all of the allegations against him and currently faces no charges in connection with any of the accounts detailed on Surviving R. Kelly. However, many are hoping that the alleged abuse comes to an end in the very near future.