Kathy Griffin Speaks Out About Her Mother’s Struggle With Dementia

Phillip FaraconeGetty Images

Comedian Kathy Griffin recently opened up about the emotional struggle she has been going through since her mother, Maggie Griffin, was diagnosed with dementia. Maggie won the hearts of many viewers when she became a regular on Kathy’s Bravo reality series, Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, according to CNN.

Known for her brash and unapologetic sense of humor, Kathy typically likes to keep things on the lighter side. Until recently, she had not spoken publicly in much detail regarding her mother’s health. However, when fans stopped seeing Maggie in Kathy’s recent videos and posts, they became concerned about her well-being. In a response to the questions she’s been receiving, the comedian shared a heartfelt Instagram post in which she explained her mother’s battle with memory loss and the toll it has taken on their family.

The post, which was shared on Thursday, shows Kathy smiling while laying in bed with her mother.

“I’ve always been honest with you all, but this one is really hard,” she wrote. “The pic below, taken in September, was the last time I was able to have a proper/coherent conversation with her,” Kathy began the caption. She went on to explain that her mother’s condition had drastically worsened in the past year and now requires 24-hour care for her own safety. The comedian spoke of the pain of watching her mother’s mind deteriorate, as she had always lived a very healthy and active lifestyle up until this point.


Dementia is a cruel disease that affects the lives of thousands each year, however this is the first time Kathy has had to witness the pain it brings first hand.

“But when it comes to my mom this is particularly hard because her sharp mind was everything. My mom is 98 and up until this past couple years she was so sharp she always kept me on my toes. Her mind was so naturally quick, funny, and smart,” Kathy wrote.

The comedian went on to speak of her gratitude for the support her fans have given her, and the opportunities her reality television show yielded. The series allowed Kathy’s fans to get a deeper sense of her background and get to know the funny personalities of her parents. She attributes her sense of humor to her mother, one of the many personality traits she admires about Maggie. Although Kathy can no longer hold a conversation with Maggie, she is grateful for the lifetime of memories Bravo gave her through her show.