'Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay & Bryan Abasolo Embrace New Year, All Signs Point Toward A Wedding This Year

The Bachelorette lovebirds Rachel Lindsay and Dr. Bryan Abasolo don't spend much time in the "Bachelor Nation" bubble these days, but they are still very much together and doing well. Rachel and Bryan got engaged at the end of her season that aired in 2017, and it looks like they may be getting married later this year.

As the Inquisitr recently detailed, Rachel and Bryan have shared that they are working on their wedding plans, but their nuptials apparently won't be televised by ABC. That comes as a disappointment to Abasolo and Lindsay's fans, but the network has definitely changed course when it comes to televising weddings in recent years. While viewers sometimes still get to see their favorite couples tie the knot in front of the cameras, ABC isn't usually doing these massive productions as often as they did for early successful couples like Trista and Ryan Sutter, Ashley and JP Rosenbaum, and Sean and Catherine Lowe.

Rachel and Bryan had been open to the idea of a televised wedding and had even been hinting that they were in the process of working with ABC on one. Now, however, they're doing it on their own and they've said that they definitely plan to get married this year.

The Bachelorette fans are anxious to learn more about Rachel and Bryan's wedding plans, but the two haven't shared much in the way of specifics lately. Both Lindsay and Abasolo are working hard at their respective careers these days and they did share some adorable photos via Instagram over the holidays showing them together and very much in love.

Bryan and Rachel live together in her hometown of Dallas, Texas, now, but they spent time with his family in Florida over the holidays. A recent Instagram post from the Bachelorette star said she is taking on 2019 by "staring it straight on fiercely and fearlessly in the face" and it looks like she's already doing exactly that.

When the Bachelorette duo acknowledged last month that they wouldn't be having a televised wedding, Lindsay admitted that she was a little overwhelmed by the idea of getting everything planned on her own. However, as she told Hollywood Life, she's not the type of person to wait around for things to happen and she's aiming to just roll with the shift in anticipated plans.

The Bachelorette stars seem insistent that they will be getting married in 2019, and as far as they are concerned, the sooner the better. Rachel had wanted to tie the knot in the first half of the year, but she's admitted it may come a little later since she has to do all the planning. As she admitted to Us Weekly, she also has quite a bit of baby fever, so it sounds as if the two may start trying for a family soon after they get hitched.

How soon will Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo get married, and will Bachelorette fans get to see much in the way of updates of their big day? Rachel and Bryan faced plenty of doubters in the early days of their engagement, but they appear to be proving everybody wrong and people are hoping they do tie the knot sometime soon even if it's being done privately.